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Tiffy Pilot's..the forgotten heroes of D-Day

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Great Find Widowmaker! Were you involved in the production?


I'm absolutely mad for the Tiffie and read all the books I can find about her, Roland Beamont's is one of the very best, and he really is an unsung hero of the Typhoon story. Bee was also a test pilot for the Canberra post-war and his flying demonstration at Farnborough in the mid-fifties famously helped convince the Americans to build Canberra's themselves. Canberra's were eventually flown by the RNZAF too, which is another Kiwi connection back to the Typhoon pilots.


Many Kiwi's distinguished themselves in Typhoons and it's been one of my absolute favorite planes since I was a school-boy reading Commando comics. I have an IL-2 install that is almost completely devoted to the story of the North-West Europe air campaigns, especially the Typhoons, including a dedicated map that can serve from Dunkirk to the Falaise Pocket. It seems like I've been working on it for years, and it's no closer yet to being finished - but I love it anyway. :smile: There is a nice mod Typhoon for IL-2 (made with 'franken-plane' technology) that like the real plane is imperfect but cherished. I have seen pics of a new version with a brand new dedicated 3D model that is in the pipeline with some great modders in the IL-2 community, so fingers crossed it will be released one day.


Naturally, I loved this video... what wonderful interviews of those brave veterans - thank you for posting it up, you've made my day. I'll need to think seriously about asking my wife to buy the DVD for my birthday!


All the Best!


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Hi m8...nope, just stumbled across it on youtube...but, it's fabulous isnt it :good:

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