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zzzspace v7.1 Sound Pack available

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zzzspace v7.1 Sound Pack


This update of the pack focuses on the internal cockpit sound;


1. new 35 minute radio chatter loop taken from the recent 2004 ‘Red Flag’ multinational exercise.

2. edited the standard English ‘b!tchin Betty’ and ‘Nadia’ enunciation’s, to trim off the many pauses and thus speed up their replay, particularly for critical missile launch clock-face orientation announcements, plus re-balanced relative enunciation volumes to fit into the cockpit sound image context of the pack; plus reduced the volume of some of the more repetitive systems ‘failure’ enunciation’s.

3. more realistic cannon sound for ground vehicles, plus some minor tweaking of weapon sounds.


Other Lock On downland sites are welcome to mirror this sound pack.


zzzspace v7.1 for Lock On 1.02

(44 Meg zip - LOMAN 2.1 compatible)


The following Lock On audio sound slider settings should be used with this sound pack:




MUSIC = 20%

RADIO = 35%

ENGINES = 100%


EFFECTS = 100%

WIND = 100%




See the included readme text within the LOMAN installer package for fuller details and directions.

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Ok, heads-up,


I’ve discovered a small problem with the v7.1 pack tonight, caused by the fact that a LOMAN zip can only contain one version of the same file name, which means that it has placed the US Betty sounds where the Nadia sounds should be, and also replaced the "Eject"! enunciation … with the ejection sound effect. Doh! :cry:


It doesn't matter too much though, because I have the solution sorted, which also involves adding high-g breathing sounds to the sound pack (as per the splash6 movie); so v7.2 will replace v7.1 in a day or so.


I'm removing v7.1 from the server until this time, hopefully v7.2 should be available tomorrow over Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience peeps.


I've finished initial testing of the new high-G breathing sounds during guns-only and low-level flying, in both the Russian and US aircraft, and it really kicks butt. ;)



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Thanks for the heads up..and as usual great work.

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