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  1. Clean Mirrors

  2. File Name: zzzspace Soundpack ver. 4.1 File Submitter: zzzspace File Submitted: 24 June 2004 File Category: DCS Sound Mods ZZZspace soundpack ver 4.1 - Only for LoMac ver. 1.00 and 1.01!This version contains new engine sounds, new afterburner, new explosions and other assorted combat sounds. It also features a detailed combined ACM, CAP and CAS 15 minute cockpit audio loop of in-flight background radio chatter—thanks to ‘EagleDeer’ for his prompting, resources, idea and inspiration for that one.Loman compatible.*Disclaimer: Install at your own risk - Biohaz will not be held responsible for any harm done due to use of these files* Click here to download this file
  3. Want new background theme music for DCS World? I've created two music and audio sequences to replace the standard theme music. The sound-engine defaults to using the P-51 sound theme, regardless of the visual themes you select. I've tested them and what occurs is the system plays the "P51-D MainMenuIn.ogg" first, when you start the program, and also first after you exit a mission. But then, as the name would suggest, it plays and loops the second file continuously, "P51-D MainMenuLoop.ogg", but only after it has played the first file through once. Anyway, if you want to give them a try: P51-D MainMenuIn.ogg http://www.mediafire...vzst6c06tc1jd14 P51-D MainMenuLoop.ogg http://www.mediafire...kj8a6b5jo1dp3dj Place the files in the following folder: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Sounds\EditorMusic NOTE: Backup the originals before overwriting them.
  4. A wee cockpit vid sampler knocked together by Hitman (1080 Res): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aUO0lnoJa1Q
  5. Post random things thread

    I do like a good pub band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=mMM77ldrfV4
  6. Post random things thread

    Only thing better than a great song is a hot woman singing it. Deborah Conway - It s Only The Beginning https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=sxR70fpZ870 Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (Live) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tqWjI0YiPUQ
  7. Post random things thread

    Speaking of which; http://www.fart-soun...sound_board.htm helluva mod
  8. Post random things thread

    Hillary ... before her butt attacked.
  9. Do it often with remote-area work, don't miss anything but the outstanding humour and wit of online friends. That can be way too much fun. Being online all the time is one way of doing things and getting off regularly for extended periods provides valuable contrast. When I come back, first thing I usually notice is the people so plugged-in they have lost perspective and most of their sensibilities. Especially with regard to obsessive socio-political massdebate. Divide and conquer bitchez. Is your fav false-saviour going to be; the feckin donkey, or the feckin elephant? Just ask your preferred major media outlet (all owned by the same people BTW), and they'll tell you just what to think, at all times - for 'free'. Lose-Lose Hope things pick up for you. ;)
  10. Hey, you're welcome. Tip of the day: Don't fly angry
  11. So that UK Nurse that got pranked...

    Lighten up, that's a thoroughly inapplicable strawman. US TV is full of pranksters, we see that rubbish all the time, where they're winding someone up on purpose. Punking seems to be a US national hobby. What the radio station presenters did was called light humour and entertainment and it happens every where every day. And people don't just kill themselves over something like this. There's obviously something more going on there, much more than we can see. And it is none of our damn speculative business what it is either. I felt sick when I heard she was dead, very sad. Basically in Australia taking the piss out of Royalty is a National Art, and one the media in particular loves to indulge. And not just Australian media either. Plus everyone's all gung-ho for Queen and country in the UK these days, and it's hard to look at that and take it seriously, like the 80% 'popularity'. Whatever. Then there's the media already imposing on the morning-sickness issue in the days immediately prior to all this, and how the Royals were asking for the media to respect privacy. Yeah well, that should have been a red flag to back off and tread lightly, but some idiot radio executive-producer thought it an opportunity. Ok, maybe there's a case to answer there, but death threat? Buggar-off. All that prior stuff just pump-primed this huge over-reaction, firstly of the nurse. Do you think her response was not pump-primed as well by media, and collegial collective embarrassment, and whatever else going on in the background? And the hospital. And the media ... and the public ... and more media ... and more public bile ... and more media bile ... The stupidity of the whole situation is horrifyingly banal and ill, including the neurotic social-media deadbeats talking puss, out of chronic boredom. But continuing these over-reactions, media, and personal, and back a gain, amplifying it some more, is just as sad, and just as ill. What an incredibly regrettable situation. So crushing for that family. The best we can do is stop poking at the family's wound and the shame of others with our verbal sticks. Enough sadness and stupidness has been created here. Let it go die in the corner and not do that.
  12. zzzspace v2.0 REAL SOUND for DCS World DOWNLOAD http://combatace.com/topic/76378-zzzspace-v20-real-sound-for-dcs-world/ This is a complete stand-alone soundpack and a comprehensive sound modification which provides sound within all DCS World modules - including DCS FC3. (187mb) It installs via the ModMan v7.3 utility, as modified for use within DCS World by Tom Weiss, which is available from LOF (links are below). DESCRIPTION: In short; if you have seen videos of jets flying through Mach Loop in the UK, that is basically what this high sonic realism sound modification sounds like. There are few areas that were not reviewed and altered within this new version. I've changed or improved many sounds within this new version and greatly developed the sound imaging quality. These have collectively enabled a more compelling sound environment to be constructed. Areas previously not worked on much have been within v2.0. All helicopters have been bought up to the standards of the jets, with more realistic approaches, flybys and loitering. Armour and vehicle sounds have all been replaced, and re-configured. All weapons, explosions and damage sounds have likewise been reviewed, with numerous improvements, resulting in a much improved and extended ground-battle environment. Given this sim will increasingly become fastjet dominated the cockpits have all been reviewed for both A-10C and FC3 fast jets plus associated external mechanical control sounds reset accordingly for optimising to various flight modes. What I'm doing within this sound mod has never been achieved prior. It's the first example of where it's possible to comprehensively depict a real exterior jet sound with 100% pitch accuracy within samples, plus realistic audio fidelity with distance and aspect changes. The result is a very realistic and compelling modification that is no gimmick. What you hear in this mod is the real thing--real jet sound--in playback. I developed the means for a sound engine like DCS World to portray real jet sound with almost complete accuracy, in most situations. This has not been heard by anyone from a combat jet flight sim prior to this sound modification doing it. I developed the theory and base equations behind how this approach could be made to work during 2000 and 2001. But DCS World was the first sim sound-engine where I suspected it might contain the necessary acoustic model accuracy and modding accessibility needed to finally try to make this work accurately. After some testing it became clear the technique would indeed work in DCS World and would accurately correct for vector changes to Doppler shift, which normally distorts real jet sounds. In this sound pack for the first time they're not being distorted in pitch at all. They utilise the pitch within the real sound files exactly and accurately. The practical result for the sound that the jets make within the sim is that it creates unprecedented and outstanding sound depictions that are almost too good to be true. So the tedious work of enabling and developing the approach and establishing that it does work has been done. The result is a dramatically improved audio simulation, that now has unlimited and unprecedented realism potential from here. It's been my long-term goal to eventually get to this level of jet-fighter audio simulated realism, so it's gratifying to have finally gotten there. A thankyou to Keshman for donation of sounds I've integrated to greatly improve this version's ground-battle detail and especially battle ambience effects. INSTALLING: Install to DCS World using SkyPat's "ModMan" utility's normal ModMan installation procedure. Find ModMan v7.3 here: http://www.lockonfil...ndex.php/files/ Find a 'patch' for its use within DCS World here: http://www.lockonfil...ka-50-v2-patch/ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (1) Install ModMan v7.3 then extract and copy the patch's files into this folder: C:\ModMan (2) Place the soundpack's zip file called: "zzzspace v2.0 REAL SOUND for DCS World.zip" Into the folder named: C:\ModMan\addons_DCS World\ (3) Open ModMan then go into the "Mods Installer" window and select and install this mod's zip file. (4) Exit ModMan --> go to DCS World's main screen --> go to Options --> go to Audio Tab Ensure the audio sliders are all set to their maximums (fully to the right). Although you may set the 'Music' slider and GUI slider to any preferred setting. You're done, enjoy! zzzspace 12th Dec 2012 Some preview sound examples of this mod from MediaFire zzzspace v2.0 F-16C flybys.ogg (5.14mb) http://www.mediafire...l8odjxd0px1g3nl zzzspace v2.0 2xMig-29 v 2xF15C guns example.ogg (9.27mb) http://www.mediafire...1zdbbchdp4yqqw1 zzzspace v2.0 Audio Sample.ogg (16.48mb) http://www.mediafire...5cn843cn7cv64t6 Sound playback sequence within the final audio sample file: Su25T flyby Su25T diving straff run 2 x A-10C flyby 2 x A-10C shotdown by MANPAD and AAA 3 x Ka-50 flyby 4 x UH1 'Huey' flyby 3 x F-16C flyby (note new fore-sounds, howls and rippling shrieks) Mortar and artillery shelling town while fastjets attack and engage each other above developing ground battle and countered by SAM and AAA bursts. Allied armour enters town and engages defending MBT column and convoy defended by RPG7 infantry. 2 x F-16C take-off and slow circuit flyover NOTE: This sound mod is provided for individual use. You may modify it for personal use only. Permission will not be given for any modified version to be uploaded for re-distribution. The contents may not be used within another sound mod. This sound mod will be hosted for public distribution at LOF and at CombatACE. Permission is not given to upload it at any other host server without the prior obtained permission of the author.
  13. Thoughts? [RPG Flight Sim/Wetdream] WARNING LONG READ

    "Survival Kit contents check. In them you will find: one 45 caliber automatic, two boxes of ammunition, four days concentrated emergency rations, one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills, one miniature combination Rooshan phrase book and Bible, one hundred dollars in rubles, one hundred dollars in gold, nine packs of chewing gum, one issue of prophylactics, three lipsticks, three pair of nylon stockings -- shoot, a fellah could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.... " Will there be a 'big-board'? :)
  14. F-19 redo

    Loved both these sims, F-19 ruled for ages, but it also had an engine sound that could have been used to torture people with. F-117A was so much better for sound, and in every other way, it only suffered because it was not as fresh a concept any more, and sims that appeared right after it did, that were way ahead of it. I think it didn't have the same impact because people moved on fast to the stack of new sims.
  15. Anyone else notice this Rafale very nearly ingested a bird at 4 mins 52 secs?

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