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EA Games buys into UBIsoft..

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Yeah, I heard about this coming... At least Microsoft (the last monopoly thing) at least is known for being a good company, both to customers and its employers.

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I'm not an EA (eat $#%) supported at all. They are nothing more then a bully that says: "Look at me, I make the most money, carrie more games, have the biggest contracts...and still don't have to give a fu(# about those that buy my product, becuase we have the wool pulled over everyones eyes.


The have weasled their way into big contracts thru EA Sports only to shut out the others from making a descent game for a descent price. Papyrus made THE BEST race simulation in the world with Nascar 2003, and EA turned and signed a big contract to be the exclusive provider for Nascar Video games.


Expect this to happen with Flight Sims. They will goto EA Hell and Die!


EA will sign exclusive contracts with the military and not allow others like Thirdwire to make a plane that remotely looks like a current US Fighter Jet. This is how they piss on the consumer. The take the Freedom out of free enterprise. And for you modders out there....what if EA pulls your plug for putting a copyrighted decal on your creation?


EA is about money...not you. They canned the Janes series....they bottled up Nascar for themselves, and now they've bought into 20% of Ubisoft. Expect them to finish it of slowly.







These are not the opinions of Biohazcentral. They are my own.

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Apparently, they already signed a contract with the NFL saying that can be the only one to make games about it. EA makes some decent games, but I'll be glad when the monopoly commission cracks down on them and stop these friggen business practices.

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