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Hi!!!! This is a PATRIOT surface-to-air missile battery. This will act as a README.



  • After extracting the .zip, you'll find a folder called "PATRIOT". It has two .txt files in it.
  • Copy the contents of the "Copy to xxxxx_TYPES" file to your TERRAIN_TYPES.ini
  • Copy the contents of the "Copy to xxxxxx_targets" file to your TERRAIN_TARGETS.ini



Required files: PAC-2 SAM system by orsin: http://combatace.com...c-2-sam-system/


You'll notice that the battery has two SAM radars and two EWR. That's because the engine identifies the PATRIOT radar and EWR as a ground objects and not as radars. The won't appear on RWR and anti-radiation missiles will not home onto them. In the way I arranged the battery, a homing missile will destroy the generic radar, and, because of proximity, the PATRIOT radar too.


Something intersting: http://science.howstuffworks.com/patriot-missile.htm


I hope you enjoy it!!!! Questions or suggestions, just PM.





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