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  1. Nice birds!! I live near Tandil, maybe I'll see them flying
  2. Topo Maps

    You're welcome!
  3. Hi!!! In my experience, the Target Area Editor doesn't recognize some tods, work well in-flights. It happend whith some ground objects too.
  4. Topo Maps

    Hi! Try this link: WebGis
  5. I always wanted to try SF 2 with a virtual reality set and a track IR. Is it compatible with any flight simulator? Immersion would be near to 100%! Just imagine looking down to your room floor, and seeing Vietnam from 10,000 feet
  6. Hi!!!! Once you have downloaded and extracted the files to a safe location (e.g. desktop) just drop each of the files contained in the folders, to the correct directory (aircraft to arcrafts, weapon to weapos, effects to effetcs, sounds to sounds, and so on) You could find these TUTORIALS helpful. Have a nice day!!!!
  7. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! They are added the same way that in series 1. Just drag the file to its corresponding folders
  8. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! For placing objects I use Mue's Target Area Editor.
  9. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! For placin objects I use Mue's Target Area Editor.
  10. Desert 4 Mountain Regions+ Addon

    It looks great! Very realistic

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