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  1. I always wanted to try SF 2 with a virtual reality set and a track IR. Is it compatible with any flight simulator? Immersion would be near to 100%! Just imagine looking down to your room floor, and seeing Vietnam from 10,000 feet
  2. Hi!!!! Once you have downloaded and extracted the files to a safe location (e.g. desktop) just drop each of the files contained in the folders, to the correct directory (aircraft to arcrafts, weapon to weapos, effects to effetcs, sounds to sounds, and so on) You could find these TUTORIALS helpful. Have a nice day!!!!
  3. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! They are added the same way that in series 1. Just drag the file to its corresponding folders
  4. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! For placing objects I use Mue's Target Area Editor.
  5. Coastal Range

    Hi!!! For placin objects I use Mue's Target Area Editor.
  6. Desert 4 Mountain Regions+ Addon

    It looks great! Very realistic
  7. Hi CA!! I have been making some modifications to my Coastal Range Terrain, mainly repopulating target areas and making some minor adjustments, and I am having this problem: I am using Mue's great Target Area Editor, and some ships I add as target areas appear well on the editor, model and everything works great, but they do not appear in-game, not even as selectable targets on the mission editor. It's as if they are not recognized. This happens with some ships, not all of them, both stock and third party add-on. Any idea? Does this happened to any of you guys? Thank you very much!!!!
  8. Hi!!! I am running SF2 full-merged on Windows 10, and no problems at all. At first I had some issues with Windows not recognizing my joystick, but it miracously solved. Just make suere you backup your controls .ini file just in case you need to replace it.
  9. Great idea!!!! nVidia GeForce GT 730/ 2GB/ Version Jul 2013/ Unlimited/ Custom Shader OFF/ Ignacioc91/ Works great, no issues whatsoever Specs: AMD A4-6300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.70 GHz 8.00 GB of RAM Windows 10 Home 64 bits nVidia GeForce GT730 with 2GB DirectX 12. I also tried it on Windows7 and Directx 10, before moving to Windows 10, and it worked perfectly.

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