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Capitaine Vengeur

Noblesse oblige...

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This is Rorke's Drift, 1879, as a handful of fortified British soldiers fights hard to repel mighty waves of formidable Zulu warriors. Standing in the middle of the position in a very martial attitude, the British commander audibly ask to his subordinates:


- Aoh! Please bring me my red skirt!


- What for, Sir?


And the commander nobly replies:


- For if I were wounded, I don't want my boys to notice it and panic!


Moments later, the Zulu warriors are about to make a breakthrough in the British defenses, and the commander can see raising assegais and blood-thirsty dark faces, all of them angrily pointing at him. Then he moans much less audibly and nobly:


-Aoouuugh... Please bring me my brown breeches...

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