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F-4E_78 Kurnass weapons mod

This is (I hope) a more realistic weapons mod for Kurnass_78, which contains the "new" old weapons and equipment, but under a new name.

I hope that their original authors will not get mad at me.

These are the

[AWW-13 data link pod] which is actually "AXQ-14" by an unknown artist,


[Pylon_kurnass front launcher] for IRM, of unknown origin.


An apology from me because I used the property that is not mine.

I apologize on behalf of all those who will use this product.


Thank you all.


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Where do you get the WalleyeII_12 guided weapon? Its in the default strike load-out in this mod, but that weapon is not included in SF2 or any weapons updates that I can find.

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