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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    We still need Belgrano and the destroyers.
  2. Hey bro, have you ever heard of WeaponDataType=7 and GuidanceType=7 , EffectClassName=CruiseMissileEffects
  3. Oo man, this is not CRUISE MISSILE version
  4. Oo bro, I meant Combat Ace - Thirdwire "In the Game" DATA.INI
  5. Does anyone have a proper data for Kormoran ASM cruise missile?
  6. I made it, I suspected something was wrong with Types.ini list and i just replace for the original one from my WOE
  7. Wrench, take a look Balkans Map WIP conversation
  8. Some problematic objects are located in the terrain folder and others are in the Objects folder and all are neatly marked in Types.ini
  9. Hey guys, I have a strange and irritating problem. I do not know why some ground objects do not appear in just one terrain (in develop), when everything is Ok in the other terrains. All objects are neatly displayed in the Target Area Editor. Hey, I'm not a rooky, it seems to me like some banal problem, I've tried everything, copied the original Types data and all the variations of Target Type but I'm out of luck. Please help.
  10. I need a little help, I have a problem with the new campaign, how to avoid ground units being located in the center of the settlement, if the settlement is designated as BASEAREA? 161/5000
  11. The nose section is too darker, can you provide templates?

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