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  1. View File MiG-29A skin pack Skin pack for Bazillius model. Submitter strahi Submitted 01/18/2021 Category MiG-29  
  2. MiG-29A skin pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Skin pack for Bazillius model.
  3. Tnx Wrench, it seems that explain my problem
  4. Guys, I have a problem, I lost my RWR from ground-based radars and SAM units. The theater is in a new terrain that is under development. RWR from airplanes is Ok. I tried the default Europe field and everything is OK, it's very frustrating, does anyone know what the problem is.
  5. Can you posted Italian collors, please!🌟✨💫
  6. Maybe you can create a ISIL (Mujahedeen) squad, for Afghan-Iraq-Syria mods.
  7. I have a problem, the whole building shines instead of just the windows.
  8. Short Belfast C.Mk.1 for SF2

    Maybe the next project ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handley_Page_Hastings
  9. View File F-14A YAP This skin is only for the Yankee Air Pirate model. Submitter strahi Submitted 08/11/2020 Category F-14  
  10. F-14A YAP

    Version 1.0.0


    This skin is only for the Yankee Air Pirate model.
  11. Angelp, we need more ground radars of western origin, such as AN/TPS-70, AN/TPS-43, AN/FPS-117.
  12. I marked, AircraftRole = BOMBER and add lines [LevelBombAI] ReleaseAlt=6096.0 ReleaseCount=24 ReleaseInterval=0.1 now all AWACS flight is on much higher altitude, the problem that still exists is in the campaign. How to generate more of these EARLY_WARNING fligts. What determines their appearance?

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