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  1. Btw, this is modern era, jets, rockets, sam's, etc, it's not to compare.
  2. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Lab_values.asp?cRange=Federal Standard 595&cRef=33448&cDescription=Dark yellow I think this is Locusta yellow. Do yo download books from link that I sent you. Dont forget to different italian GPS antenna on the top fuselage. My opinion is that the all single desert skins a better with dust (opposite to camo variants) but without oil leaks and exhaust sooth 😉 and about loadouts please read this ...
  3. guruu, please 😃 sent me your AMI and templates for Op Locusta!
  4. Nanchang Q-5A/E/II SF-2 Repack

    There is no NKorean decals!
  5. Updated campaigns for new terrain, with permission Menvra ... Iraqi Invasion.INI War of the Cities.INI War of the Cities_DATA.INI Battle for Basrah.INI Battle for Basrah_DATA.INI Iraqi Invasion_DATA.INI
  6. About that, I do not decide, unfortunately. The model is in perfect condition but I doubt it will ever be published, sorry.
  7. hi my old Serbian friend.remember me? A man from high mountains!!.do you have tu-160 blackjack?and if your answer is "yep".May i ask you to get                                                                                                             this beautiful swan?PLEASE:ty:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. strahi


      Because a lot of people working on this project

    3. kurdistan1


      yes my friend.that is true.TNX for your honesty.:ty:I thought it was canceled.

    4. kurdistan1


      I wish its ready for release soon.TNX again:heart:

  8. Still working on it as I get the fixes for the lod


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