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  1. Is there project for RF-5, I think this is a good idea!
  2. Which of these numerical values describes the maximum firing distance, for example AiM-120D, which has a range of 200km?
  3. What is the maximum distance of the target's acquisition. the best I've got is 65km. I used these packages ...
  4. IAF F-16C/D/I by The Viper Team

    What is the maximum distance of the target's acquisition, the best I've got is 65km !?
  5. Ok, I understand the point, but can you say that for, for example, those who are fired from the shoulders, Stinger and Strela? Will it get higher altitude, the one that is fired at the top of a mountain than the one in the bottom?
  6. And what about in real life, does that mean that if the launcher is installed on the mountain, the rocket will have a higher altitude?
  7. I am interested in the maximum range of SA missiles. Does the increase in the altitude of the launch site increase the maximum range of the rocket?
  8. I think, that you need this one He has better skin than mine, in any case, thank you .
  9. Combat Tree

    Something like that, avionics from F-14 in F-4
  10. Combat Tree

    Does anyone know how to integrate this system into a standard cockpit F-4D/E?

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