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F-15SE Im@s Chihaya X Yukiho

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F-15SE Im@s Chihaya X Yukiho



Get the F-15SE from the F-15 Super Pack by FastCargo.





1. Place the folder "Chihaya X Yukiho" in Aircraft\F-15SE. That's it.

2. Run the game. In the paint scheme tab, "Im@s Chihaya X Yukiho Silent Eagle" should appear.


As for the squadron, add this in SQUADRONLIST.INI.




DisplayName=765 Pro Aerobatic/Demonstration/Fighter Squadron



XXX = change this value to the number following the last entry. (E.g. If the last squadron entry is [squadron546], then change [squadronXXX] to [squadron547].


A custom hangar screen is provided when selecting this paint scheme. Enjoy!!


From the Idolm@ster series.


For those who are Yukiho and Chihaya fans, I present to you the F-15SE Silent Eagle Chihaya and Yukiho skin.




The F-15SE Silent Eagle is the stealth variant to the F-15E Strike Eagle. This 2-seater multirole aircraft is coated with radar absorbent material to prevent radar energy from redirecting back to enemy radars. The F-15SE features internal weapons bays located at the conformal fuel tanks and canted tail wings to reduce its radar cross section. This plane is aimed for other F-15 users such as Israel, Japan, and Korea.





F-15SE Silent Eagle Chihaya Kisaragi and Yukiho Hagiwara skin. With Chihaya's performance and Yukiho's stealth, they make their duet comes to light making this plane a formidable adversary to many of the enemy aircrafts out in the skies. Chihaya's piloting skills from the F-15E guides this plane unleashing its unmatched performance while Yukiho's position as a WSO (Weapon systems officer) and F-117 piloting experience, helps utilize the true potential of the plane's weapon capabilities, and countermeasures.


Skin by HolyKnightAD


Idolm@ster Character design and logos ©???? ©NBGI


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