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  1. Hoping for the Earth starfighter some day from Buck Roger tv series. One cool looking ship
  2. Hi, thanks for taking up my suggestion. I do hope you can use that scenery in the pic i provied from that article but anything will do. But yeah I remember BSG since I still watch it regulary even today and know that episode. The kamikaze strike by the cylons on galactica and apollo and starbuck float around the ship outside to set charges to battle the landing bay blaze.
  3. Has any modder thought of doing the scenery of the moon for atmoshperic flights or what-if. Saw this shot today and thought if feasible in our sim as a what-if;just looks nice. Also,would work well with the release of the angel interceptor https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93741-angel-interceptor-v10/
  4. here: https://il2freemodding.createaforum.com/new-board-6/avro-york-raf-transport-4-094-104-12-mod-act-and-so-on/
  5. Looks like the Las Vegas map is used(Nevada) but the fw skin may be modded. The doras never served in North Africa hence surrender at Tunis in '42.
  6. here:; https://il2freemodding.createaforum.com/new-board-6/piaggio-p-108/
  7. https://il2freemodding.createaforum.com/new-board-6/yakovlev-yak-4/
  8. get it here https://il2freemodding.createaforum.com/new-board-6/kawasaki-ki-102-otsu-'randy'-by-dimon/
  9. Angel Interceptor V.1.0

    this is nice. could the eagles from space 1999 be far behind?
  10. http://www.matrixgames.com/products/product.asp?gid=591
  11. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61897.0.html

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