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  1. gives us 2 new helo variants the hind P version and another Mi-8MT plus enhancements to exisitng models https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,62770.0.html
  2. With 200 plus loadouts, shes a beast. Also, Luft '46 applicable. # G10N1 ##################################################################### G10N1.default Default G10N1.default_boost RATO Boosters G10N1.default_er Extended Range (+10ton fuel) G10N1.default_boost_er Ext. Range + RATO G10N1.default_lr Long Range (+15ton. fuel) G10N1.default_boost_lr Long Range + RATO G10N1.24x800 24x 800kg Bombs G10N1.24x800_boost 24x 800kg + RATO G10N1.12x800 12x 800kg Bombs G10N1.12x800_boost 12x 800kg + RATO G10N1.8x800 8x 800kg Bombs G10N1.8x800_boost 8x 800kg + RATO G10N1.4x800_er 4x 800kg Ext. Range G10N1.4x800_boost_er 4x 800kg ER + RATO G10N1.4x800 4x 800kg Bombs G10N1.4x800_boost 4x 800kg + RATO G10N1.2x800_lr 2x 800kg Long Range G10N1.2x800_boost_lr 2x 800kg LR + RATO G10N1.2x800_er 2x 800kg Ext. Range G10N1.2x800_boost_er 2x 800kg ER + RATO G10N1.2x800 2x 800kg Bombs G10N1.2x800_boost 2x 800kg + RATO G10N1.32x600 32x 600kg Bombs G10N1.32x600_boost 32x 600kg + RATO G10N1.16x600_er 16x 600kg Ext. Range G10N1.16x600_boost_er 16x 600kg ER + RATO G10N1.16x600 16x 600kg Bombs G10N1.16x600_boost 16x 600kg + RATO G10N1.8x600_lr 8x 600kg Long Range G10N1.8x600_boost_lr 8x 600kg LR + RATO G10N1.8x600_er 8x 600kg Ext. Range G10N1.8x600_boost_er 8x 600kg ER + RATO G10N1.8x600 8x 600kg Bombs G10N1.8x600_boost 8x 600kg + RATO G10N1.40x500 40x 500kg Bombs G10N1.40x500_boost 40x 500kg + RATO G10N1.20x500_er 20x 500kg Ext. Range G10N1.20x500_boost_er 20x 500kg ER + RATO G10N1.20x500 20x 500kg Bombs G10N1.20x500_boost 20x 500kg + RATO G10N1.10x500_lr 10x 500kg Long Range G10N1.10x500_boost_lr 10x 500kg LR + RATO G10N1.10x500_er 10x 500kg Ext. Range G10N1.10x500_boost_er 10x 500kg ER + RATO G10N1.10x500 10x 500kg Bombs G10N1.10x500_boost 10x 500kg + RATO G10N1.72x250 72x 250kg Bombs G10N1.72x250_boost 72x 250kg + RATO G10N1.36x250_er 36x 250kg Ext. Range G10N1.36x250_boost_er 36x 250kg ER + RATO G10N1.36x250 36x 250kg Bombs G10N1.36x250_boost 36x 250kg + RATO G10N1.18x250_lr 18x 250kg Long Range G10N1.18x250_boost_lr 18x 250kg LR + RATO G10N1.18x250_er 18x 250kg Ext. Range G10N1.18x250_boost_er 18x 250kg ER + RATO G10N1.18x250 18x 250kg Bombs G10N1.18x250_boost 18x 250kg + RATO G10N1.200x100 200x 100kg Bombs G10N1.200x100_boost 200x 100kg + RATO G10N1.160x100 160x 100kg Bombs G10N1.160x100_boost 160x 100kg + RATO G10N1.120x100 120x 100kg Bombs G10N1.120x100_boost 120x 100kg + RATO G10N1.80x100_er 80x 100kg Ext. Range G10N1.80x100_boost_er 80x 100kg ER + RATO G10N1.80x100 80x 100kg Bombs G10N1.80x100_boost 80x 100kg + RATO G10N1.40x100_lr 40x 100kg Long Range G10N1.40x100_boost_lr 40x 100kg LR + RATO G10N1.40x100_er 40x 100kg Ext. Range G10N1.40x100_boost_er 40x 100kg ER + RATO G10N1.40x100 40x 100kg Bombs G10N1.40x100_boost 40x 100kg + RATO G10N1.300x60 300x 60kg Bombs G10N1.300x60_boost 300x 60kg + RATO G10N1.150x60 150x 60kg Ext. Range G10N1.150x60_boost 150x 60kg ER + RATO G10N1.150x60_er 150x 60kg Bombs G10N1.150x60_boost_er 150x 60kg + RATO G10N1.75x60_lr 75x 60kg Long Range G10N1.75x60_boost_lr 75x 60kg LR + RATO G10N1.75x60_er 75x 60kg Ext. Range G10N1.75x60_boost_er 75x 60kg ER + RATO G10N1.75x60 75x 60kg Bombs G10N1.75x60_boost 75x 60kg + RATO G10N1.360x50 360x 50kg Bombs G10N1.360x50_boost 360x 50kg + RATO G10N1.180x50_er 180x 50kg Ext. Range G10N1.180x50_boost_er 180x 50kg ER + RATO G10N1.180x50 180x 50kg Bombs G10N1.180x50_boost 180x 50kg + RATO G10N1.90x50_lr 90x 50kg Long Range G10N1.90x50_boost_lr 90x 50kg LR + RATO G10N1.90x50_er 90x 50kg Ext. Range G10N1.90x50_boost_er 90x 50kg ER + RATO G10N1.90x50 90x 50kg Bombs G10N1.90x50_boost 90x 50kg + RATO G10N1.360x50_inc 360x 50kg Inc. Bombs G10N1.360x50_inc_boost 360x 50kg Inc. + RATO G10N1.180x50_inc_er 180x 50kg Inc. Ext. Range G10N1.180x50_inc_boost_er 180x 50kg Inc. ER + RATO G10N1.180x50_inc 180x 50kg Inc. Bombs G10N1.180x50_inc_boost 180x 50kg Inc. + RATO G10N1.90x50_inc_lr 90x 50kg Inc. Long Range G10N1.90x50_inc_boost_lr 90x 50kg Inc. LR + RATO G10N1.90x50_inc_er 90x 50kg Inc. Ext. Range G10N1.90x50_inc_boost_er 90x 50kg Inc. ER + RATO G10N1.90x50_inc 90x 50kg Inc. Bombs G10N1.90x50_inc_boost 90x 50kg Inc. + RATO G10N1.16xigo3a 16x I-Go 3A Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xigo3a_boost 16x I-Go 3A + RATO G10N1.8xigo3a_er 8x I-Go 3A Ext. Range G10N1.8xigo3a_boost_er 8x I-Go 3A ER + RATO G10N1.8xigo3a 8x I-Go 3A Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xigo3a_boost 8x I-Go 3A + RATO G10N1.4xigo3a_lr 4x I-Go 3A Long Range G10N1.4xigo3a_boost_lr 4x I-Go 3A LR + RATO G10N1.4xigo3a_er 4x I-Go 3A Ext. Range G10N1.4xigo3a_boost_er 4x I-Go 3A ER + RATO G10N1.4xigo3a 4x I-Go 3A Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xigo3a_boost 4x I-Go 3A + RATO G10N1.16xigo3b 16x I-Go 3B Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xigo3b_boost 16x I-Go 3B + RATO G10N1.8xigo3b_er 8x I-Go 3B Ext. Range G10N1.8xigo3b_boost_er 8x I-Go 3B ER + RATO G10N1.8xigo3b 8x I-Go 3B Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xigo3b_boost 8x I-Go 3B + RATO G10N1.4xigo3b_lr 4x I-Go 3B Long Range G10N1.4xigo3b_boost_lr 4x I-Go 3B LR + RATO G10N1.4xigo3b_er 4x I-Go 3B Ext. Range G10N1.4xigo3b_boost_er 4x I-Go 3B ER + RATO G10N1.4xigo3b 4x I-Go 3B Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xigo3b_boost 4x I-Go 3B + RATO G10N1.16xigo4 16x I-Go 4 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xigo4_boost 16x I-Go 4 + RATO G10N1.8xigo4_er 8x I-Go 4 Ext. Range G10N1.8xigo4_boost_er 8x I-Go 4 ER + RATO G10N1.8xigo4 8x I-Go 4 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xigo4_boost 8x I-Go 4 + RATO G10N1.4xigo4_lr 4x I-Go 4 Long Range G10N1.4xigo4_boost_lr 4x I-Go 4 LR + RATO G10N1.4xigo4_er 4x I-Go 4 Ext. Range G10N1.4xigo4_boost_er 4x I-Go 4 ER + RATO G10N1.4xigo4 4x I-Go 4 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xigo4_boost 4x I-Go 4 + RATO G10N1.12xigo5 12x I-Go 5 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.12xigo5_boost 12x I-Go 5 + RATO G10N1.8xigo5 8x I-Go 5 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xigo5_boost 8x I-Go 5 + RATO G10N1.4xigo5_er 4x I-Go 5 Ext. Range G10N1.4xigo5_boost_er 4x I-Go 5 ER + RATO G10N1.4xigo5 4x I-Go 5 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xigo5_boost 4x I-Go 5 + RATO G10N1.2xigo5_lr 2x I-Go 5 Long Range G10N1.2xigo5_boost_lr 2x I-Go 5 LR + RATO G10N1.2xigo5_er 2x I-Go 5 Ext. Range G10N1.2xigo5_boost_er 2x I-Go 5 ER + RATO G10N1.2xigo5 2x I-Go 5 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.2xigo5_boost 2x I-Go 5 + RATO G10N1.16xtype91 16x Type 91 mod7 Torpedo G10N1.16xtype91_boost 16x Type91m7 + RATO G10N1.8xtype91_er 8x Type91m7 Ext. Range G10N1.8xtype91_er_boost 8x Type91m7 ER + RATO G10N1.8xtype91 8x Type91m7 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtype91_boost 8x Type91m7 + RATO G10N1.4xtype91_lr 4x Type91m7 Long Range G10N1.4xtype91_lr_boost 4x Type91m7 LR + RATO G10N1.4xtype91_er 4x Type91m7 Ext. Range G10N1.4xtype91_er_boost 4x Type91m7 ER + RATO G10N1.4xtype91 4x Type91m7 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xtype91_boost 4x Type91m7 + RATO G10N1.16xtype94 16x Type 94 mod2 Torpedo G10N1.16xtype94_boost 16x Type94m2 + RATO G10N1.8xtype94_er 8x Type94m2 Ext. Range G10N1.8xtype94_er_boost 8x Type94m2 ER + RATO G10N1.8xtype94 8x Type94m2 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtype94_boost 8x Type94m2 + RATO G10N1.4xtype94_lr 4x Type94m2 Long Range G10N1.4xtype94_lr_boost 4x Type94m2 LR + RATO G10N1.4xtype94_er 4x Type94m2 Ext. Range G10N1.4xtype94_er_boost 4x Type94m2 ER + RATO G10N1.4xtype94 4x Type94m2 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xtype94_boost 4x Type94m2 + RATO G10N1.12xtype95 12x Type 95 Torpedo G10N1.12xtype95_boost 12x Type 95 + RATO G10N1.6xtype95_er 6x Type 95 Ext. Range G10N1.6xtype95_er_boost 6x Type 95 ER + RATO G10N1.6xtype95 6x Type 95 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.6xtype95_boost 6x Type 95 + RATO G10N1.2xtype95_lr 2x Type 95 Long Range G10N1.2xtype95_lr_boost 2x Type 95 LR + RATO G10N1.2xtype95_er 2x Type 95 Ext. Range G10N1.2xtype95_er_boost 2x Type 95 ER + RATO G10N1.2xtype95 2x Type 95 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.2xtype95_boost 2x Type 95 + RATO G10N1.16xtype4 16x Type 4 mark 4 Torpedo G10N1.16xtype4_boost 16x Type4m4 + RATO G10N1.8xtype4_er 8x Type4m4 Ext. Range G10N1.8xtype4_er_boost 8x Type4m4 ER + RATO G10N1.8xtype4 8x Type4m4 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtype4_boost 8x Type4m4 + RATO G10N1.4xtype4_lr 4x Type4m4 Long Range G10N1.4xtype4_lr_boost 4x Type4m4 LR + RATO G10N1.4xtype4_er 4x Type4m4 Ext. Range G10N1.4xtype4_er_boost 4x Type4m4 ER + RATO G10N1.4xtype4 4x Type4m4 Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xtype4_boost 4x Type4m4 + RATO G10N1.8xtypeM 8x Type M Torpedo G10N1.8xtypeM_boost 8x Type M + RATO G10N1.4xtypeM_er 4x Type M Ext. Range G10N1.4xtypeM_er_boost 4x Type M ER + RATO G10N1.4xtypeM 4x Type M Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xtypeM_boost 4x Type M + RATO G10N1.2xtypeM_lr 2x Type M Long Range G10N1.2xtypeM_lr_boost 2x Type M LR + RATO G10N1.2xtypeM_er 2x Type M Ext. Range G10N1.2xtypeM_er_boost 2x Type M ER + RATO G10N1.2xtypeM 2x Type M Rocket-Bomb G10N1.2xtypeM_boost 2x Type M + RATO G10N1.32xtypeMX 32x Type MX Torpedo G10N1.32xtypeMX_boost 32x Type MX + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX_er 16x Type MX Ext. Range G10N1.16xtypeMX_er_boost 16x Type MX ER + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX 16x Type MX Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xtypeMX_boost 16x Type MX + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_lr 8x Type MX Long Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_lr_boost 8x Type MX LR + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_er 8x Type MX Ext. Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_er_boost 8x Type MX ER + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX 8x Type MX Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtypeMX_boost 8x Type MX + RATO G10N1.32xtypeMX_homing 32x Type MX homing Torpedo G10N1.32xtypeMX_homing_boost 32x TypeMXhom. + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_er 16x TypeMXhom. Ext. Range G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_er_boost 16x TypeMXhom. ER + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing 16x TypeMXhom. Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_boost 16x TypeMXhom. + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_lr 8x TypeMXhom. Long Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_lr_boost 8x TypeMXhom. LR + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_er 8x TypeMXhom. Ext. Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_er_boost 8x TypeMXhom. ER + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing 8x TypeMXhom. Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_boost 8x TypeMXhom. + RATO G10N1.32xtypeMX_homing_chuted 32x Type MX hom. Torp on Chutes G10N1.32xtypeMX_homing_chuted_boost 32x TypeMXhomChute + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_chuted_er 16x TypeMXhomChute Ext. Range G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_chuted_er_boost 16x TypeMXhomChute ER + RATO G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_chuted 16x TypeMXhomChute Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xtypeMX_homing_chuted_boost 16x TypeMXhomChute + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted_lr 8x TypeMXhomChute Long Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted_lr_boost 8x TypeMXhomChute LR + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted_er 8x TypeMXhomChute Ext. Range G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted_er_boost 8x TypeMXhomChute ER + RATO G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted 8x TypeMXhomChute Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xtypeMX_homing_chuted_boost 8x TypeMXhomChute + RATO G10N1.72xmineji 72x JI Contact Mine G10N1.72xmineji_boost 72x JI Mine + RATO G10N1.36xmineji_er 36x JI Mine Ext. Range G10N1.36xmineji_er_boost 36x JI Mine ER + RATO G10N1.36xmineji 36x JI Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.36xmineji_boost 36x JI Mine + RATO G10N1.18xmineji_lr 18x JI Mine Long Range G10N1.18xmineji_lr_boost 18x JI Mine LR + RATO G10N1.18xmineji_er 18x JI Mine Ext. Range G10N1.18xmineji_er_boost 18x JI Mine ER + RATO G10N1.18xmineji 18x JI Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.18xmineji_boost 18x JI Mine + RATO G10N1.32xminejj 32x JJ Contact Mine G10N1.32xminejj_boost 32x JJ Mine + RATO G10N1.16xminejj_er 16x JJ Mine Ext. Range G10N1.16xminejj_er_boost 16x JJ Mine ER + RATO G10N1.16xminejj 16x JJ Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.16xminejj_boost 16x JJ Mine + RATO G10N1.8xminejj_lr 8x JJ Mine Long Range G10N1.8xminejj_lr_boost 8x JJ Mine LR + RATO G10N1.8xminejj_er 8x JJ Mine Ext. Range G10N1.8xminejj_er_boost 8x JJ Mine ER + RATO G10N1.8xminejj 8x JJ Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.8xminejj_boost 8x JJ Mine + RATO G10N1.12xminep1 12x P1 Influence Mine G10N1.12xminep1_boost 12x P1 Mine + RATO G10N1.8xminep1 8x P1 Influence Mine G10N1.8xminep1_boost 8x P1 Mine + RATO G10N1.4xminep1_er 4x P1 Mine Ext. Range G10N1.4xminep1_er_boost 4x P1 Mine ER + RATO G10N1.4xminep1 4x P1 Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.4xminep1_boost 4x P1 Mine + RATO G10N1.2xminep1_lr 2x P1 Mine Long Range G10N1.2xminep1_lr_boost 2x P1 Mine LR + RATO G10N1.2xminep1_er 2x P1 Mine Ext. Range G10N1.2xminep1_er_boost 2x P1 Mine ER + RATO G10N1.2xminep1 2x P1 Mine Rocket-Bomb G10N1.2xminep1_boost 2x P1 Mine + RATO G10N1.none_boost Empty + RATO Boost G10N1.none Empty
  3. here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,62800.msg690815.html#new
  4. Any mod wanna take a stab at? Interested in ZSU-23-4M4 and ZSU-23-4M5 (1999): modernized variants, ZSU-23-4M4 and ZSU-23-4M5 (1999): modernized variants, armed with two additional paired man-portable air-defense systems "Igla" on each side of the turret and equipped with 81mm smoke grenade launchers, laser emission sensors, electro-optical vision devices (including television system for driver) and improved weapon radar system. The mechanical transmission was replaced with hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic boosters were installed. Mobility increased to the level of main battle tanks. This upgrade was first shown during the exhibition MAKS-99 in Zhukovsky and was carried out by the Minotor Service Enterprise and Peleng Joint Stock Company from the Republic of Belarus, and the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant of Russia. The Ulyanovsk Mechancial Plant is also offering ZSU-23-4 upgrade packages independently.[18] India[edit] ZSU-23-4 upgrade: This version was developed by Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) of India in cooperation with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI). These Anti Aircraft Tanks(AAT) were first used in the Indo-Pak War of 1971. These proved to be effective against Pakistani Mig-III's. The upgraded systems will feature an advanced AESA radar[24] and computers, electro-optical fire control systems, a new Caterpillar 359 BHP diesel engine and a new APU. The upgraded systems are able to operate despite enemy jamming, are able to pick up targets from more than 15 km away, and functions in temperatures between 55° Celsius and minus 40° Celsius. The gun is able to shoot down targets flying at 450 miles per hour up to 1,500 meters and out to 2,500 meters. The purpose of the upgrade is to extend the life of the air defence system by 15 years. In December 2004 it was reported that the Indian Army awarded a US$104 million contract to upgrade 48 ZSU-23-4 air defence systems of the Indian Army.[25][26] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZSU-23-4_Shilka#Russian_Federation_and_Belarus
  5. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4010807&postcount=211
  6. Another must have if ever released: " We see 2016 as a big year for aircraft carrier operations as we plan to release both Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier modules. Both of these modules will be incredibly detailed models with working elevators, interior hanger bays, animated ship systems, and the ability to walk around inside the ships. These will be optional modules that would replace the existing ships currently in DCS World. "
  7. Never heard of this one, always the kiowa .Just protypes built but would be nice in our sim if a modder is up to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_ARH-70_Arapaho
  8. Hope so but luv tyhe pit anyway
  9. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61546.0.html
  10. if it gets a release, a must have
  11. Faroe Islands terrain

    Any chance on a non NA version in future?
  12. luv this. any chance of a standalone release?
  13. Hoping for the Earth starfighter some day from Buck Roger tv series. One cool looking ship

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