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UH-1 and RCLR

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Hi all,


In a documentary about the Huey, a brief shot left to see a small size "tube" seemed mounted on the right side of the chopper. It looked like a 57mm or 75mm recoilless rifle, however, the gaz ejection area in the back of the tube would normally be dangerous in an enclosure as small as the cabin of the UH-1. Has anybody ever seen or heard about a combination like that ? :dntknw:


Thanks in advance.

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I had tried to look here before, trying to avoid annoying peoples. In fact, the RCLR was installed on a tripod directly in the cabin, it must surely be a transport to the battlefield, the danger of these weapons in this kind of space does not permit this kind of use... unless someone wants to make a big jump out.


Anyway thank you for the answer.

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