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New Polish MiG-29 skinpack

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New Polish MiG-29 skinpack

New version skins of all Polish MiG-29's
-1 ELT
-1 ELT after 2012
-41 ELT
-41 ELT after 2012
-1 PLM, 1 ESK (CCCP)
-1 PLM, 2 ESK (CCCP)
-1 PLM ex Czech
-number 56 in memory Lt. Col Marian Pisarek
-number 111 in memory Lt Miroslaw Feric
-number 115 in memory Capt Boleslaw Gladych
-number 111 Baltic Air Policing 2006(Lt Grzegorz "Zugi" Zugaj)
-number 115 Baltic Air Policing 2006(Lt Col Robert "Skuter" Cierniak
-number 77 Baltic Air Policing 2006(Capt Witold "Toyo" Sokól)
-number 40 Baltic Air Policing 2006
-number 105 individual skin
-number 114 individual skin
-number 115 on memory of visit French Mirages in Poland




This is repack of my skins MiG-29. It contains all my Polish skins, all updates and new numbers.
Before use this pack please delete all of Polish MiG-29 skins.

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New skins!!!!
I am most proud of the skin plane number 56.

I invite all of you to fly.

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