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Question for fellow motorcycle riders

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Do any of you riders here know if a person who already has a motorcyle license and has riden one for many years is allowed to ride a motorcycle wearing orthopedics specifically a foot brace that corrects the condition of drop foot or foot drop. I've tried searching on the web for what the ministry of transportation in Canada has to say about this.


I'm not in Canada currently so calling them long distance and being on hold isn't practical. The reason I'm asking those who ride is because I would hope that western countries generally might have similar guidelines. This is a shot in the dark but what the hell. Real hope someone can shed some light on this as the thought of never being able to ride again is terrifying.


I really appreciate any helpful responses thanks in advance.

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I know for a fact in Massachusettes, as long as the corrective orthopedics do not impede the operators ability, then there is no problem.

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