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This is what has been taking my spare time up recently.... I have a campaign running on Facebook, with 5,000 members, and this is the website to go with it.


Hopefully, it will show people the role that the Border Collie Sheepdog has played in History (including Wartime)


Hope you like it, and even if you're not a BC fan...a bit of History never goes amiss

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That was new to me that the Border Collies are such a young race.

Well made, your website and the video, Widow!


I had a German Sheperd, when I was a teenager, and we were living on a farm fro three years.

"Barrie" never had any sort of training. But it was in his genes - when he saw our herd of 32 cows

out on the marsh meadows, he would constantly circle around them, and he could not accept

any single animals trodding off - he would always chase those back to the herd.

I was very impressed. And I felt from his looks into my eyes, that he was seeking for some

reaction every now and then. If we only just said "well done, boy!", he would rush off and

continue his work with great abandon.


The Border Collie seems to have developed this heritage to even greater perfection.

When we still see them as dogs, it's mostly because they can't speak our language.

(They may see themselves as some of us - who knows)

But they speak - one must only watch and listen.

And often, when I meet a dog on a walk, I receive a smile - and I smile back in return.

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Just to add, (and you may already know UKW), but just for interest, the name 'hemp' does not I think refer to the plant.


I also recognise the old scots word 'hemp' as a word to describe a mischievious young female, but in a kind of endearing way, as in she's a bit of a hemp, or a hempet, but meaning cheeky rather than bad.


And I think the roots of that use of the word comes from hemp halters, or bridles required to make an animal behave or easier to control.


If the roots are correct, that all makes 'Hemp' a great name for lively sheepdog.



Edit: Done a quick check, and some say the hemp is the hemp of the hangmans noose, and a hemp is that kind of rogue, someone who wants to be hung, but that's definitley not my own understanding of what a hemp is. It's more like calling someone a bit of a minx, except a minx is a flirt, whereas a hemp is a little bit more niaive and childish.

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