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Nations INI question

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ok im creating my own nations INI and decal cat file ......mainly because i want to and because i have OCD and it bugs me they aint in alphabetical order lol


yeah pain i know but i do it for my own satisfaction and i might share it once its complete as im planning on adding every nation i can to it and every air force state i can (you know how the RAF used to be the royal flying corps ..and the usaf the united states army air force ect .....that kind of thing)


i know its going to mean f***ing round with my campaigns ect if i change the order but i will be trying to do this to some extent so i can use it


but it dosnt really matter ..im doing it for a bit of fun and because i love a challenge and prefer to do this than download someone elses .....because i will know what is in and what isnt


but i digress ...my question


first up i have examined the original nations.ini and i have noticed that some nations have a full config (ie USAF) whilst some only have the following







what i want to ask is ...does this effectivly make a nation none playable or does the game look for the rest of the information from the most complete version with the same name or something


i ask this because knowing what info i can effectivly leave out will be a big help when creating nations who have made a lot of changes to their forces ...or even adding nations/forces i do not care about playing as?

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quick update .....i kinda got this figured now (least i hope i have got it right anyways)..


i currently am as far as the Cs (columbia infact) and i have added 15 nations that were not in it originaly ....and have just over 120 nations in the file

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