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  1. well in that case i am definitely interested in helping where i can, first indo china war is something i have been interested in creating myself, especially Diem Bien Phu as for campaigns ..i wouldnt worry about those ..like i say thats something that with the right terrain i wouldn't mind working on
  2. Location.bmp

    its the same size as the smallest, i dont think the planning map uses it
  3. so what are your total plans for this terrain then? im interested in helping, but eventually i wouldn't mind getting a YAP style mod going for SF2 at some point one with a few campaigns
  4. ok Menvra im rewatching the documentary and so far no mention of the place, it does mention attacking Binh Dinh provence though so i might have misheared ...i will keep watching though just in case but i did find this map that has Ninh Binh listed as having an airfield somewhat nearby i have also found a book called MiG-21 Aces of the Vietnam War that mentions Two MiG's taking off to patrol that area but infuriatingly it dosnt mention where they took off from so .....thats my contribution done for now, i will keep searching
  5. if it is something you personally worked on (im talking over 50% here) i doubt he would have a leg to stand on problem is you get these kinds of people on every message board you go to (sometimes they can be the most toxic places in the universe in my opinion) and i have seen some egos or been banned from a few places for ridiculous reasons buckle up gents its story time i was once a prolific member (i was a moderator for a time) over on Mpire Mall (a Wrestling Mpire 08 fan site) their was a indian kid called Fahad FBK who thought he was gods gift to modding, and didn't like it when i told him that his tiny belt images (meant for use with WWF No Mercy) wouldn't cut it on Mpire cos ..ya know ..its a game from 2008 ...and thus has a bigger texture file than a game from 1999 he had basically transitioned between the two games and was used to people bowing at his godly feet (thats not a joke ..i once saw his facebook profile ...it was all pictures of him in shades with effects behind him).........but didn't realise he had entered a realm where most everyone on the board was better than him, even one of the worst (Chrisbeta) and that he was being offered advice from someone who had established himself as a creator of good quality belts that had a lot of respect from his peers at the time (IE ...me, because whilst i dont like to big myself up ....i am good with paint programmes ect) and for another example whilst i was making wrestling belts over at the mall i joined a belt collectors forum (wrestling belt world) because at the end of the day i am quite the aficionado of such shiny gold props, as used in the sports and entertainment universe ad i like having nice big images for reference when i declared this interest to the community (you know ..my hobby of modding a free game for free) i was branded a criminal and accused of "stealing peoples designs" (they tarred anyone that printed belts off for use on their WWE action Figures with the same brush according to one comment) i was then promptly banned for arguing back about it ( i kindly explained it was for a computer game ...they didn't seem to get it)....i mean i am 100% sure that Reggie (Parks) and Dave (Millican) wouldn't care as long as i wasn't making my own REAL belts with their designs and selling them, but ya know ..you cant teach tripe sometimes i was once banned from a forum about Sports Logos and kits (Uniforms ..whatever ya wanna call them) because i had the audacity to argue with a Brazilian dude about what Swansea Citys nickname was (sorry dude but whilst i live 50 miles from Swansea ..i am fairly sure its 50 miles closer than Rio de Janeiro is) now i was banned from A-Team for Downloading 11 files (of the 10 allowed) even after cancelling one of them, my point is that whilst that sucks (as do all of these situations) , im not going to dwell on it, because at the end of the day i have a choice of where i hang out and who i hang with (when i can) .........im not going to worry about other people being idiots because thats beyond my control (eriks mark twain quote was spot on) dont get me wrong ..i am sorry that the community is split (it happened to Mpire Mall in the end ....long story short the old site got a virus and half the community didn't like the new site we worked hard to set up saying it just wasn't the same ....even though it was identical) and i hope it heals ..but until that time i wont give Cap the satisfaction, when i have here as a choice for not only great mods but a decent community
  6. This Is Why You Research Things

    ah yes ...the world where 4 airmen are lauded as legendary heroes, but nothing is mentioned of the guys in the back seat of the F-14 Tomcats that are on the box cover and are thus the poster jets for that particular game (Squadron Leader/Unsung War ...depending on region ....5 ..its 5) not that i am complaining ..i bloody love it lol
  7. Vulcan B2

    im part scottish, it isnt like i dont know how to hold a grudge, and as a punk. bile and angst is kind of what i do by nature (and you can see my sig for my views on capun so it also isnt as if i dont share your feelings on him) ....its just ..i could swear that i once read a thread from a few years ago where this topic was shut down (by wrench i think) and for a good reason, im saying this for your own benefit more than anything else, its not really conductive my friend im glad however that someone at A-Team got their head screwed on right though, its going to be nice to finally fly the V Bombers
  8. Location.bmp

    i would but ....ya know ...CAT files LMAO
  9. Vulcan B2

    your not the only one but at the risk of back seat moderating a little lets not get into it any more, taking shots at capun is passe these days anyway
  10. Location.bmp

    well i created one for all my terrains anyways ....be interesting to see if it affects anything if it dosnt no harm done ....if anything i can make use of it as a reference from what i can see though each colour directly correlates to a nation number,, would still love to know what colour palette can be used for that and the sea map, so far i only got 12 colours anyone know any way of finding out?
  11. City? .............why that place is no bigger than the village i live in actually i always wondered what a strike fighters terrain made out of entirely google earth imagery would look like .....although piecing each individual tile together in the same way the Iceland terrain uses its images would take a long ass time i should imagine
  12. i always attributed that quote to Eddie Guerrero
  13. i could swear that their is information about Quang To (and no im not mistang it for Quang Tri .....Ninh Binh also sounds familiar) in one episode of Ken Burns, Vietnam War documentary, but i cant quite remember what it was, if you give me some time i can watch it again and find out But i do remember hearing of an airbase that was captured by the Americans being destroyed by Viet Cong mortar fire, so it isn't inconceivable that a lot of bases on the map may not be their any more
  14. ok bit of a conundrum about this file israel has one, but none of the other terrains do even though their ini files point towards it by default, does anyone know what it does .....i mean i can see it defines where the countries and areas in the limited Nations file are located but i am wondering how exactly the game uses it i am figuring that red is nation 1 and green is nation 2, mustard yellow is nation 3 ect but im not sure and since i only have examples of 11 colours, if i was to make one for the Germany terrain (witch has 12 locations) how would i know what the last colour should be so i can add the missing ones like Denmark and italy, can i use just any colour or does the game read a certain pallete that i am not privy to?
  15. necropost because nobody seems to be answering this question but whats the difference between the startdate and the activedate especially in relation to adding a nation that is a continuation of another but with a different name or decal?

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