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AI flyable rigid Airships

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AI flyable rigid Airships


Well, a quick and dirty work to make AI flyable two of the excellent Stephen1918 airships.

-The real L32 Zeppelin was shot down in 1916 over Horns Reef by the cruisers Galetea and Phaeton while trying to raid England. Before this it made 77 recon missions over North Sea.

The model we have is intended to have a generic German rigid Airship to use in campaign mode (you should create units with one plane and only one pilot).

-The real R23 class was never used in combat, but two of the improved R23X were built in 1918, and in fact one of them, the R29 attacked the UB-115 U-boat (it also was attacked by some ships. The submarine was sunk, and this was the only recoorded success of a British rigid airship.

Both airships are hard to destroy with machine guns, but the AI fighters will try to pass through the Airship sometimes (a game engine limit). Bad idea! The fighter will be destroyed (and the pilot probably will had the VC or Legion d'honneur) and the Airship badly damaged.

To install them you should put the AirshipR23 and ZeppelinL32 folders into your Aircraft folder.

Enjoy it!

Both models and skins by Stephen1918

All FMs, Loadouts and .ini stuff by Ojcar

Special thanks to Peter01 and Hitchingbroke!


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