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  1. SAML S.2 Uploaded

    A much needed plane to fly at the new Caporetto map! Beautiful skins Stephen!
  2. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to all friends here!
  3. About Galicja front

    No german Jastas in the East Front. The german and austrian fighters were attached to the two-seater units in small quantities. In 07/01/17 Jadgflieger Ober-Ost was formed (basically an ad-hoc fighter unit with planes from the two seater units, similar to the KEKs of Western Front in 1915-16). This unit moved out the Galician front in August and came back in September, It became Jasta 81 in October 1917, the only Jasta in the entire Eastern Front.
  4. New Aircraft

    So, my Windstock datafile is wrong. It's difficult to have good books about WWI planes. The info varies greatly depending the book.
  5. New Aircraft

    Sorry, I don't want to be picky, but I think your model is a Nieuport 23, instead the Nieuport 17. The 17 one had the vickers at the centre while the 23 had the vickers slightly startboard. Nevertheless, a very good work!
  6. BE 2c and BE 2e upgraded

    Tweaking with the GunnerFireChance= under the AI section is also good.
  7. The Austrian one looks well for SCW too http://mundosgm.com/guerra-civil-espanola/los-blindados-de-ruedas-autoctonos-en-la-guerra-civil-espanola/
  8. Debrief Stats - Gunner Data

    Nope. I'll explain the dummy gun: In the stock game you have some planes with a gunner. They have also a front fixed gun, but if a fighter attacks them, usually they try to flee (or fight with the front gun if ordered). Meanwhile, te tail gunner fires.... Then there are some new planes with only a front gunner. But the AI keep on the same way. So, these planes are fleeing away, but the AI gunner doesn't fire at the enemy planes, because he's a front gunner and not a tail gunner. Wrong tactics. So I made a faux front gun managed by the pilot. This way, the pilot will try to attack with it's front gun, and this will keep the enemy plane in the aim of your gunner. Of course, the gunner mill make all the real damage in the enemy plane. The debrieffing statistics doesn't include the gunners. This was a fighter sim without two seater flyable fighters at the start...
  9. Happy Holidays

    Very good idea, Stephen! Happy holidays to all!
  10. Have done that time ago in the Aviatik DI FM. I had to tune it down a little, because people complaints...
  11. Windows 10 AU Has Just Killed My WOV Flying!

    There is a new update and it fixed the issue (at least in my PC)
  12. Sad news for me.

    We are all with you. Be strong.
  13. Some newbie questions

    Second row is also used by gunner kills in two seaters.
  14. Maybe rudders are meant to be attached to stabilizers by the game (this is a "son of a jet sim" anyway). Maybe you can change the damage box to have the faux stabilizer more coincident with the rudder one. This way, when the rudder is lost, also is the stabilizer. You can also change the stabilizer DamageRating to DESTROYED. Your work look very promising. Some day I'll try it.
  15. Thoughts

    I started to mod the game for my own use, and I know my campaigns and FMs are far from perfect (I'm not a computer expert, nor Aeronautical engineer, nor historian)...but I like to make them and play the game. And I couldn't care less if them doesn't meet someone else's standards. I'm not a game professional and don't pretend to be one. Do you like them? Cool, I'm happy with that. Do you feel my mods can be better and want to make some kind of (polite) feedback? Cool, I'll try my best to make them better for all of you and me. Don't like them and want to be like Ubizoo people (the old Il-2 Sturmovik forum, plenty of rivet counters and all kind of trolls)? Not cool. I'm not forcing anyone to download my mods. Don't like it? Don't use it. I feel your pain, Stephen, and I don't like some things I'm reading here lately. But I'll keep on modding, because I love the game. BTW: one of these days I'll bite the bullet and install all of these new FMs. I'm sure they'll be better than mine!

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