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Thirdwire Download problem

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Sorry folks if this is the wrong place to post this question. I haven't been around for awhile. I gots me a problem accessing my Thirdwire products I've bought. I made copies of my SF2 and SF2V games onto an external hardrive a long time ago. My hard drive is not allowing me to access my games. I get error messages. I even saved my download codes to note pad text documents so I figured I redownload my games from Thirdwire but it will not even allow me to open up the text documents to get my codes.


Unfortunately I've changed email addresses since I bought the games so I can't have Thirdwire email me my codes. Thirdwire has an option to contact them for help but it gives me an error saying that " cannot perform action because default email client not installed".


I'm in a pickle here. :blink: Any suggestions? Thanks.

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You might try posting in the thirdwire forums. TK is often on there. They even have a Tech support forum there. Just explain what you said here and see what transpires. TK has always been pretty good about helping in matters like this. Sounds like youve got some issue with that harddrive for sure. If you have it, you might try connecting it to another Mobo/computer. It could simply be the interface has went bad on that one.

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