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Carrier Duel: Nimitz vs Kitty Hawk

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Carrier Duel: Nimitz vs Kitty Hawk

This is a modification pitting the USS Nimitz vs the USS Kitty Hawk on a sea battlefield. Escorts are included,

but merely to provide balance to the surface defence capacities of the ships. This package contains two campaigns,

one for each carrier. None of the Carriers aircraft compliments are correct but are to be shown as representative

of respective eras.


Each Carrier carries a Fighter Squadron (F-14A/F-4N), a medium strike squadron (A-4E/A-7E) and a heavy attack squadron (A-6 Intruders). They also carry

two E-2 Hawkeye Squadrons each, to provide naval recon and early warning.


Good luck and may the best Air Crew win.



You are required to own Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam & Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic for this

mod to work properly. The mod only use stock items.



A Cockpit for A-6A / A-6E_79 is recommended. The F-4N DLC is also recommended.



Unzip into the Saved Games/Thirdwire/Strike Figthers 2 North Atlantic (or any mod folder of your choice, connected to SF2: NA & SF2: Vietnam).


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