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Carrier Duel: KNM Norskehavet vs the Kiev

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Carrier Duel: KNM Norskehavet vs the Kiev


This is a modification pitting the fictional Norwegian Carrier KNM Norskehavet vs Soviet Aviation Crusier Kiev on a sea battlefield.


Each Carrier carries their compliment; Kiev a flight of helicopters and Yak-38s; Norskehavet F-11s & S-3As. This is a less intense

engagement since neither side really has the firepower to finish the other off and the pace is slower. It makes for a refreshing change of

pace from three tons of Crusie Missiles. Due to issues; Only the Norskehavet Force is playable.


Good luck and may the best Air Crew win.



You are required to own Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic for this mod to work properly. Everything else is included.

Beware: The mod has its own alterations of the Kiev. If you have a modded Kiev, simply change

CarrierNumSquadrons=1 to CarrierNumSquadrons=4 and continue normal use.



Unzip into the Saved Games/Thirdwire/Strike Figthers 2 North Atlantic (or any mod folder of your choice, connected to SF2: NA).


Please do read the enclosed credits, as without the work of those mentioned, this modification could not be made.


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