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Royal THAI Navy A-7E Corsair

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Royal THAI Navy A-7E Corsair

Thailand purchased 14 A-7E's and 4 TA-7C's for coastal defense and sea patrol duties.

Aircraft were delivered during the summer of 1995 and were in service with the 104th "White Shark" squadron,

1st Wing at U-Tapao International Airport. These aircraft are currently not operational as of July 20, 2007.

However, the Royal Thai Navy continues to maintain the operability of the aircraft with the necessary maintenance

and by starting them up and taxiing them on the airport's tarmac


Here a new skin with its historical decalset for our A-7 collection.


----> needs SF-2NA to work


edited data.ini included:


- key 10 canopy open

- key 9 wingfold operation


with automatic closing at take off




All in main mod folder




Tk for the plane & the stock texture

Michael "Mike1" Riddell for original SF-1 mod

me for decals tweakings




@paulopanz :blind:


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Hi, can you make one for non-na users? Thx.


I think it's very easy using basic A-7E: change A-7E_74 with A-7E textures and put the RTAHAF skin folder in A-7E folder ..... :biggrin:


IT should work take a try.

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