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Capitaine Vengeur

Counters & screens for SF2: Korean Air War

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Counters & screens for SF2: Korean Air War

I had once worked on several annual campaigns for the mythic Korean Air War Complete Mod for SF1, uploaded at CombatAce by Edward in 2005. I planned one campaign for each of the years 1951, 1952 and 1953, with actually one UN-sided and one Red-sided campaign for each year, six campaigns in all. Though the R&D work was very advanced, I have given up since long, and for the moment, I don't plan to reinvest time in this project before long. Yet there were many related works that I could deliver here for SF2:KAW after a swift conversion in picture format:

  • A batch of colorful, reduced-size counters, devoted to each of the nationalities significantly present during the Korean War, 1950-53. Besides having a more attractive map and less confused stacks, you can also find more easily the units you're after. As a rule, the counters with rectangular national flags and brigade/division/corps/army devices show the ground units, while the counters with roundels concern the air units.
  • Lots of screens initially intended to be linked to the campaigns I planned, now converted to jpg format (start screens, daily missions briefings, or campaign victory/ draw/defeat debriefings).
  • For each of the six planned campaigns, a briefing synopsis, and three end-of-campaign debriefings in case of victory/draw/defeat.

There is no notice about installation. Just consider everything graciously given here as raw materials to be renamed at will for building your own campaigns. Some new materials could also be uploaded in a next future.


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