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Benson-Livermore Classes MDAP Destroyers (*)

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Benson-Livermore Classes MDAP Destroyers (*)

An SF-2NA post war porting of YAP Rising Sun Ward Destroyer, I hope useful in our campaigns in Anatolia, Formosa etc.


- Artigliere (D553); Aviere (D554)


- Doxa (D20); Niki (D63)


- Gaziantep (D344); Giresun (D345); Gelibolu (D346); Gemlik (D347)


- Lo Yang (DD-14); Han Yang (DD-15); Hsien Yang (DD-16); Nan Yang (DD-17)


- Hatakaze (DD-182); Asakaze (DD-181)


PS: Numbers blootherings fixed


(*) You need YAP Rising Sun to use




1) Take from YAP Rising Sun these files:





2) Make a copy of Ward_1008 and rename:




3) Put all 3 the files Ward_1008, Ward_1008_001, Ward_Col in each ship folder inside groundobjects folder inside this pack


4) Move all in your mod folder.




@ paulopanz


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fantastic models! If I may request, would like rising sun carriers converted to SF2NA. Since RS is payware, just don't include the relevant LOD's...

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