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  1. Sea Vixen FAW1

    absolutely outstanding work!
  2. South East Europe BETA

    quick question, the three part download are three identical folders denoting the same terrain and campaigns, did you mean to do this or are there other folders (objects, effects, etc) that you meant to include?
  3. B-57G Tropic Moon.

    Alphasim also had a B-47 which had a very accurate cockpit ( I know only because I crawled around inside a real one whilst volunteering at Chanute Air Museum), if that one could be converted (or at least the cockpit converted since we have the model) that would be fantastic..
  4. B-57G Tropic Moon.

    fantastic add-on, great cockpit. Thank you for adding this...
  5. South East Europe BETA

    Been wanting to explore the Kosovo conflict for a long time now in this sim - hopefully this will help me do that
  6. SAC Twilight: B-52G/H Stratofortress

    First of all Kev I want to thank you for doing an aircraft that I have hundreds of hours in, B-52 SN 1013 (Real TA), one of the more risque nose art selections that could be found at KI Sawyer if you went to the Charlie ramp about 1990. The 644th BMS took great pride in maintaining and flying these aging (even back then) jets. It's been ages since I have seen it, as all the beautiful nose art was simply painted over with gunship grey when SAC went to ACC in 1992. But we did fly that very hull number in the final SAC bomb comp in 1992 and scored in the top three for the Air Force, so it had a great "last hurrah".. Here is another nose art that was probably the most popular and talked about at KIS during that period, "Bridesmaid Becky", and the story behind it (a certain aircrew member was trying to woo a distant lover he met at … you guessed it … a wedding)..
  7. Fiat G.91 "Gina" Pack

    another tremendous creation! five stars! love that cockpit too!
  8. SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NATO

    Also found the cockpit graphics remarkably close to what the B-57B and C models look like, using the canuck cockpit there too!
  9. S-199 Cockpit

    The Bf-109 cockpit has been a glaring sore spot in the sim as it did not approach the standards of other WW2 aircraft - I have now replaced every single one with this in all models of the Bf-109 and S-199... a very welcome add-on.
  10. effects detail? ahh the magic bullet... thank you nightshade
  11. Installed new NVIDIA driver last night and now the game comes up and loads fine but turns black upon pressing "fly" - you can hear the loading wav, then the aircraft engine, but the screen remains black. I know it's probably just a setting, not sure which one..
    PERFECT MOD! correctly foldered, quickly installed, works great.
  12. F4U-1D Corsair

    Wow, this aircraft can satisfy even the most demanding rivet-counters. Beautiful skin textures, truly a thing of beauty! Bar is reset...
  13. SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NATO

    amazing! been waiting long time for this one!
  14. realSKY Environment

    Thank you for putting me in love with the "Inclement" weather setting again. The thunderstorm effects just weren't cutting it, I really just wanted "IFR" drizzly/reduced viz conditions, which is replicated here...

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