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  1. SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NATO

    amazing! been waiting long time for this one!
  2. realSKY Environment

    Thank you for putting me in love with the "Inclement" weather setting again. The thunderstorm effects just weren't cutting it, I really just wanted "IFR" drizzly/reduced viz conditions, which is replicated here...
  3. F-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux.

    just curious- Yakarov do you plan to add a rear cockpit view at some point? I ask because most of your stuff has multiple cockpit views... and your methods to do that work really well and logically. This former fighter navigator would appreciate it..
  4. F-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux.

    You really get an idea of how beautiful this plane was when it was in service - thanks for this wonderful project.
  5. Kosovo_beta

    Good foundation terrain for a Kosovo campaign in SF2... calling Jedi Master campaign designer eburger….this would be a good one!
  6. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    Fifteen years later (1987) I showed up at Andersen at the 6Oth Bomb Squadron, 43d Bomb Wing, Andersen AFB, a brand-new second lieutenant fresh out of EW training. The briefing room in the picture still looked the same as I remember it. I had heard whispers about the great Andy revolt against the CINC, and how they literally chased his ass off base during Linebacker, but have never heard the real story until just now... I had a hard time believing us crewdogs actually did that to a four-star...
    looks great. just curious, did you intend to leave "USAF" off the limited nations list? Both EDC and OD/UP had USAF assets participating...
  7. A campaign idea - in this case an actual option under consideration at the time of the crisis - downgraded from TS... oplan.pdf
  8. dtmdragon - I am testing this game and I love it (just single missions so far) but I love all the aircraft skins and adds you have done, down to getting the deployed units right. Only suggestion I have is that S Korea had F-86D "Dog" Sabres, about 30 at the time of the crisis, May want to create a ROKAF skin for that as well and add that to the scenario...
  9. SNCASE Aquilon 202 - 203 - 204

    great aircraft! FYI this same "pit" would also work wonders in a Douglas F3D Skynight from the Korean war...
    I want to eventually fly missions but I am too distracted flying over the beautiful new Sweden terrain!
  10. general question here, Is there a way to convert SFNA ships to work (show up) in non-NA installs ... say by tweaking the data.ini for example? Love everything about NA but the strike missions and how the sim prioritizes battle groups, and I'm trying to mold a sim to my liking... bubu
  11. Castle AFB Museum, part 2

    I used to walk over to this museum from the classroom building during my bomber CCTS in the late 1980's (was it really that long ago?), the museum store was a great place to have a quick lunch 2 aircraft in the museum are on my SF2 wish list, the Avro "Canuck" and the WB-50 wx recon acft.

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