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Spitfire Mk22, Southern Rhodesian Air Force

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Spitfire Mk22, Southern Rhodesian Air Force

Spitfire F.22, Southern Rhodesian Air Force for SF2


This will work only if you have installed DLC No. 29 AI Aircraft Pack 2, including the Spitfire F.22. Without this pack installed, you will not have the necessary model files.


The SRAF received 22 Mark 22 Spitfires from Britain in 1951, and these were used to form two fighter squadrons until 1954 when they began to be replaced with Vampires. The final Spitfire was withdrawn in 1956; most aircraft were sold on to Syria, although SR64 and SR65 remained in Rhodesia. SR64 was subsequently rebuilt and restored to airworthiness but crashed in 1982, killing its pilot.


This uses an essentially unmodified data.ini and loadout.ini as supplied in the initial DLC pack.Nationality entries have been changed to read 'Rhodesia' but are otherwise unchanged.


Serials include 20 of the known serials for the two batches of Spitfires.


There is some disagreement about the actual colour of these aircraft; some say High-Speed Silver, others pale grey-blue. I believe both are probably correct, as the aircraft will have been delivered in RAF Silver and may subsequently have been painted pale blue.





The cockpit is by Kesselbrut and used with gratitude in accordance with the CA fair use agreement.


I have no idea where the pilot came from, but thank you anyway!


Skin modification, serials, sounds, screens, decals and decal placement by ndicki.


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