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My favorite beasts : Su-47 Berkut & Mig-31 Firefox

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Last winter I was able to to modify my 2 favorite fighter desings : the "Su-47 Berkut" and the "Mig-31 Firefox".


Both have been refined in the FM, ( ... correcting the movement of the canard, perfecting the engines, changing cannon and position, developing the vectorized thrust ((this not for the "Firefox")), and a lot more ............................ ).


As a result the Su-47 Berkut ( Americanized and renamed for better match my taste "F-27 SteelEagle" ) fly wonderful (surely better than the original ...), with great agility, even with a weight of 18 tons empty, practically without max angle of attack thanks to the forward wings, with supersonic cruise, and thanks to hypertrophic engines with 25 tons of thrust each (but you can still downgrade them to a realistic 16 tons ...) capable of great acceleration and mach 3.5 !


The "Mig-31 Firefox" is not at the same level of agility, but it isn't bad, supercruise speed dry at mach 1.8, and with its 50.000 lbs (23 tons) (as in the movie) of thrust each, reach the top speed above mach 5 (!!!). ( .... Incredible how fast the technology of the titanium alloys and the hypercooling systems advances, ........ at that speed there's a temperature of 1000° celsius ... (( LOL )) ).



I didn't rushed to post them, simply because I can't upload them.

The "Berkut" comes from "Owl Work Shop" ("https://sites.google.com/site/pjowlworkshop2009/"), I sent them an e-mail to see if they were interested in my finished version, and/or a permission to post it, but they didn't even reply !

The "Firefox" comes from "A-Team Skunkworks" ("http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/"), and they do not allow to post their designs (not wrongly)  in other sites.


For the Berkut I used the "Tornado F3" cockpit by Bobrock, changing the basic color from grey to black, and some gauges. The pitch indicator now is a angle of attack indicator.

The internal "open cockpit" of the Firefox is a WIP (Work In Progress), I changed several gauges, especially the clock now is a AngleOfAttack/G indicator, .... but I find the design not very good ..................................... I.m not a modder ............ !!!!!!!!!!!!









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Hahaha, ( LOL ) !!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know that the star has a meaning ....................

It's the best substitute I've found to the red star.

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