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  1. F-20 Tigershark: Risky business Part 2

    I see. Don't worry, we all make mistakes! So, then the wing would have been very similar if not the same as the standard one except for the flaps. I still wonder how amazing the fourth F-20 would have been to fly if the other three were already as good as some people say.
  2. F-20 Tigershark: Risky business Part 2

    Are there any concept images of how the fourth larger prototype would have looked like? It's safe to assume it would have been similar to how the F-16 and F-2 are very similar except the wings are larger (along other things), right?
  3. I have tried using 3D editors many times long ago but I just can't do it. For some reason there's some bit of fundamental knowledge that keeps escaping me. I will have to try again, specially know that I'm doing this but for the time being a fuel tank will have to do for now. Thanks though!
  4. Yeah, I also doubt anything will match the hole exactly, but it'll probably be better than having the entire pitot tube. I didn't think about using a fuel tank, thanks for the idea!
  5. I need a little help folks. First, the pitot tube thing at the nose, well I wanted to remove it for the "operational" variants, but that leaves a small hole. Does anyone know where can I find a small cone to put there with FakePilot? This is just a minor issue and to be honest leaving the flight test pitot wouldn't bother me that much, but the more atention to detail the better. And second, and this is the important issue, the mapping of the bottom of the elevators is done incorrectly, and it's cut off. The weird thing that gives me a bit of hope is that on the left elevator there's a bit that's cut off but is painted anyway, I assume that there's nothing to do here and I'll have to use decals to fix that, right? Other than this I only need to put the rivets and weathering and the template will be done. If anyone's interested in it and wants to start skinning just say it. I haven't worked on the .inis, though. Tomorrow at the latest I'll start on them.
  6. Yeah, I know that. The model is pretty good though, not finished but good enough. The whole thing won't be 100% finished, but at least it will be better than what it is now.
  7. Yeah, the decals on the X-32 are messed up. I can't edit the post though so just ignore that people. And the pylons... I totally knew that and I totally didn't scratch my head for 10 minutes thinking how I was going to get it working properly... Thanks!
  8. First of all, if anyone wants to help just say it. Any help is appreciated. So, thanks to @Menrva I have YEYEYE's unfinished Su-47, and there are a few things that have to be done. -First, the pylons. The external ones share the texture with the internal weapons bay ones. That should be corrected with the fake pilot method. Not a particularly big thing. -Then, the cockpit. Making one is well beyond the scope of what I can do, and a Flanker cockpit can be used. I haven't been able to find real pics anyway so there's some leeway here. I think it's similar to the Su-27SM pit. -Flight model, here there's a lot of leeway as there doesn't seem to be any kind of documentation of what this flew like. I guess I can leave this mostly untouched until the end. Also, it does seem fairly good right now. I haven't had the time to fly it extensively but it didn't feel off. -And thrust vectoring, did the real Su-47 have TVC? I don't know, but if there's an actual animation then we might as well use it. That's the main stuff. I'm thinking of making various variants, such as the original prototype, unarmed with the black skin, then an operational version, armed with various camos, an upgraded one, etc. Also I'm making a template so there's going to be a lot of freedom in this department. Anyway this is all for now. I'll post pics if you guys want. PD: Menrva has also given me YEYEYE's X-32. It's fine, except it's not mapped. Maybe it could be textured with decals...? Anyone interested about this?
  9. F-16XL: A great idea at the wrong time 

    Very interesting. I personally don't like the look of the F-16s that much, but the XL is one of my favourite aircraft. It's sad to see it was that close to becoming a reality. Maybe GD should have offered it themselves for export as Northrop with the F-20.
  10. Is it because they weren't able to contact YEYEYE? If it's not that, and if you don't mind of course, I can take a look, see if I can do something about it. But isn't that an achievement? ;)
  11. Holy crap, it's so not the same thing... Such a pity he didn't finish it.
  12. There are multiple Su-47s? I honestly thought there were only two released; the one by YEYEYE (the one I'm pretty sure I have) and the one in the A-Team site (originally by Alphasim for FSX) which couldn't be more broken. I do remember reaching YEYEYE's site and downloading his Su-47, then seeing that it was the same I had (the one I sent to myself). What I also remember is that the one I got from YEYEYE's site only had the black skin, while the one I have has both the black skin and a camo one. Maybe the one I have, and the one available here are an even earlier version? Also at the time I was 12 at most, if the differences aren't huge then it's 100% likely I was mistaken. Really, please upload a screenshot because I am very curious about it. Well, we are in two weeks land!
  13. It is the same model. I have YEYEYE's (I knew that was his name... hahaha) and I just checked with LOD Viewer and indeed, same animations, same everything.

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