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AAA guns Tracers or Airburst? ...or both.

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Hey folks. :D Been out of the loop for a few years. Just recently getting back into the SF/WO* world. Being gone for so long I have no idea if this idea has already been discovered...wouldn't be the first time I've reinvented the wheel... Ha! Anyway, here goes. I do not like flying over target areas that ought to be well defended by AAA. Its boring. :D So I've added almost every AA gun available to the game. ZPUs, ZSUs, ZUs, M1939, KS-12, KS-19, KS-30, etc. Then of course, Fubar512's 57mm Flak Effect. Very nice medium air burst effects for the 23-57mm class weapons. I've actually made a smaller version for the 23mms. :D Which brings us to the point. Seems we are left with a choice of either a TRACER effect OR an AIR BURST effect. Not both. Check the "timed fuse" box in the Gun editor...no tracers. Uncheck...tracers, no airburst. Here's what I did and it works very well with multiple gun mounts. Simply copy the gun in question in the Gun Editor. Rename it by adding a single letter. For example. The ZSU-57 uses the 57mm_S68 cannon. Copy it in the Gun editor and change the name to 57mm_S68T. Uncheck the "timed fuse" box and you have a tracer fireing 57mm gun. :D NOW...go to your ZSU 57 data.ini and change one of the guns to 57MM_S68T. On gun shoots air burst shells, the other tracers. I have also increased the burst amounts and tracer loading to compensate. For the 57mm ...tracer loading is 1 (every round is a tracer) the burst amount is 6. Works just as well for the multi barreled 23MMs too. The only difference being in how you adjust the burst and tracer loading for the much higher ROF of the 23's. You can also make different versions of the single barreled guns like the S60 and the 37mm M1939, The Bofors gun...just copy the entire Ground Object, rename it accordingly and make the "new" gun in the Gun Editor... you get the idea. :D You'll get a random mix of both types in the game. 


Note for the historically correct purists...YES, I do know that most of the smaller calibers did not really, technically, fire a Flak Burst shell and it was actually a self destruct mechanism to prevent live rounds from falling back to earth. But it sure look cool in the game. :D 

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If you check the WOV Air & Ground Expansion Pack, you'll find that mods you've described have already been implemented on a number of guns along with some other tricks to make them more deadly.


Eric Howes

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