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Mc Donnell CF-101B Voodoo Skinpack

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Mc Donnell CF-101B Voodoo Skinpack

The CF-101 Voodoo was an all-weather interceptor aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Forces between 1961 and 1984.


Detailed history and a guide to camouflages in extras folder.

You need great Enrico (ErikGen) F-101B / F-101B_67 to work. If You haven't grab the last voodoo pack, don't miss it is here: http://combatace.com/files/file/12117-f-101-mega-pack-version-20/





9 RCAF + 4 CAF (included original 2 upgraded) Skins and all historical serials



4 CAF (included original upgraded) + 3 specials skins (2 for execises and 1 for William Tell Weapons Meet 1972) and all historical serials


ALL the 66+66 planes in service with ALL 5 squadrons skins from RCAF to CAF and more ...


It needs a big NORAD scenery :brr: to operate alongside F-102 & F-106 against soviet bombers packs .... :flyer:


- canopy (key = 10) closes at take off

- new loadout image tga



- Eikgen aka Enrico Gennari :clapping:



- install the plane

- object folder in main mod folder and overwrite




@ paulopanz


PS: Enrico, ci manchi. Torna presto a regalarci i tuoi fantastici modelli. Noi ti aspettiamo. Un abbraccio. Paolo :bye:


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V. 1.1 uploaded.


Now the leafs and the Union Jacks (of the original skins too) are right in place.

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