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6 files

  1. CF-101 Skin pack

    Per Read me :
    SF2 CF-101 Voodoo (Version 2.0)
    You will have to get the original package  in order to have the update working as not all the files are on this download. Package can be found there : 

    *** For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Recommended/Preferred) ***
    This package contains files needed to go from V 1.0 to 2.0. Skins have been reworked here and there.
    Skins included are :
    Squadrons 409, 410, 414, 416 and 425 :
    61-65 era
    65-68 era
    68-73 era
    73-84 era
    Squadrons 409, 414, 416 and 425 :
    Special schemes
    (NEW) - Maple Flag ’83 :
    Camo patter used on one plane (with water paint in real life)
    Different sqn planes (grey schemes)
    Installation :
    Simply drag and drop files where needed and overwrite when prompted.
    Special tanks to:
    ErikGen – Base aircraft where the F-101B can be found : 
    yakarov79 – for sharing his F-101 data as I had an issue with the weapon selection and it was at great help to solve it on the original release.
    Sundowner – For some layers I borrowed on his F-101C templates :

    Happy flights!
    Mario C.


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  2. RF-101 Camo

    2 Skins for Erikgen's Superb RF-101 Voodoo.
    Please read the readme.


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  3. RF-101C 18TRS OP Sun Run

    RF-101C 18TRS OP Sun Run
    This is a new skin for one of the finest 3rd part models for the SF2 series, ie the RF-101C Voodoo from the Voodoo Mega Pack V2.0 by ErikGen, available here at CA:
    It represents the six planes of 18TRS that took part at the Operation Sun Run in 1957, including the spare cells No. 5 & 6. Operation “Sun Run” was the attempt of a transcontinental speed record from LA to NY, which the Voodoos achieved with a time of 3:05,39 for the single trip and of 6:42,06 for the round trip.
    Stunning how this record was beaten only 33 years later in 1990, by an SR-71A which took just 64min for the trip from LA to NY...
    There are not very much pictures out there, even less reliable paintings, the best information I could gather are the following: a nice article from Jan van Waarde, which is the best story about Sun Run you can find far and wide, a picture by McDonnell of Sun Run No3 before delivery, the “propaganda” video praising the record and finally... some Hasegawa blue prints:

    I used the original metal skin of the 45TRS by Dave (or at least I think... ) coming with the Mega Pack, I cleaned it up to make it naked and basic, and finally added every marking and insigna with the technique of decals. This was surely a bit time-consuming and a kind of compromise, but was to me the only way to display those 6 very different looking planes using just one folder...
    The specular dds maps are also based on those from the original Mega Pack. The USAF star badge and the TAC patch are original TW work, everything else was drawn from scratch by me. Tested with Strike Fighters 2 Exp2.
    Install extracting to:
    X:\your mod folder\Strike Fighters2...\Objects\
    I really hope you are going to love this little piece of aviation history.


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  4. Mc Donnell CF-101B Voodoo Skinpack

    The CF-101 Voodoo was an all-weather interceptor aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Forces between 1961 and 1984.
    Detailed history and a guide to camouflages in extras folder.
    You need great Enrico (ErikGen) F-101B / F-101B_67 to work. If You haven't grab the last voodoo pack, don't miss it is here: http://combatace.com/files/file/12117-f-101-mega-pack-version-20/
    WHAT'S IN:
    9 RCAF + 4 CAF (included original 2 upgraded) Skins and all historical serials
    4 CAF (included original upgraded) + 3 specials skins (2 for execises and 1 for William Tell Weapons Meet 1972) and all historical serials
    ALL the 66+66 planes in service with ALL 5 squadrons skins from RCAF to CAF and more ...
    It needs a big NORAD scenery to operate alongside F-102 & F-106 against soviet bombers packs ....
    - canopy (key = 10) closes at take off
    - new loadout image tga
    - Eikgen aka Enrico Gennari
    - install the plane
    - object folder in main mod folder and overwrite
    @ paulopanz
    PS: Enrico, ci manchi. Torna presto a regalarci i tuoi fantastici modelli. Noi ti aspettiamo. Un abbraccio. Paolo


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  5. RF-101C Voodoo Skinpack 1

    RF-101C 9 silver Skinpack 9
    - 15th TRS'Cotton Pickers' 1961
    - 17th TRS, 66th TRW 1959
    - 17th TRS, 66th TRW 1963
    - 18th TRS, 66th TRW
    - 18th TRS, 66th TRW 1959
    - 29th TRS, 432nd TRW Shaw AFB
    - 32th TRS, 66th TRW 1959
    - 38th TRS, 66th TRW 1959
    - 66th TRW 1961
    All credits to ErikGen for his outstanding SF-2 Voodoos.
    Install as usual.


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  6. USAF RF-101A 2 skins pack

    USAF RF-101A
    When Enrico made this fantastic plane, there was only with a Rocaf skin in the pack.
    So I made these 363rd TRW & 18th TRS, 363rd TRW skins for USAF recon mission (maybe over Cuba!).
    The serials, as usual, are historical.
    I hope You like them.
    As a bonus I included a new RF-101 loadout.tga, true SF-2 Style.
    Instal instructions - if needed - in readme.
    A little service note is in the pack, too.
    This a very great plane/model, for me one of the best ever.
    Enjoy it.



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