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v. Deutschmark

Canvas Knights WW1 Public Beta Release

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Cheers! Lots of hard work went into this mate. :)

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Hi Argon,


Nice to see you again old friend ;-)

Yes it was a lot of work 3 years every day and still not 100 percent done

but done to the point we could put out a limited free beta for all to try.

Next year is the launch of the full game with all user operated vehicles, been

having many people in the server trying it out and lots of people having their

fun with the game, a few having a some issues but that's to be expected, we

have the game running on XP, win 7,8 and 8.1, the packer we used has been

giving us a few problems with some peoples PCs and that's where most of the

issues come from but we are working through that now with the reports we been

getting back and will have up another download soon for them people that have

had any of these issues, but most are running the game fine with the downloads

That are up now, lots of work making a game from scratch!




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Good to see you around sir!


I wish you luck with your launch, I tried as you know to come up with a stand-alone WWI alternative but I lost my engine coder along the way and we could not compete with the newer titles.

The more WWI sims the better IMO! Your models look quite lovely. :)

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