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Does anybody remember this lady? It's kind of my take on a more modernized version of the SA-43 Hammerhead fighter from Space: Above and Beyond. I tried to turn it into a serious marine mud mover with a stowable gun. Anybody interested in taking a crack at getting her into SF2? I simply don't have the time. Completely UV'd, not rigged. And no cockpit or pilot to speak of. But I'd love to be able to take her for a spin.


format is Modo, but I can export to OBJ if necessary.


Cheers guys, and keep up the great work around here! :)





SA-43 Hammerhead.zip

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Reminds me of the drone from Deal Of the Century, The Peacemaker. This sled would look so much better if it had a vert. stab(s). I remember the cockpit layout, it was horrible. The full size mock ups were cool though. The show was O.K. right up until the pilots were no longer pilots, but a squad of Marine infantry officers, that spent more time fighting with rifles than using their fighters. That's when I lost interest. The Govt isn't going to spend millions on a combat pilot just to have them snuffed in a infantry ground battle. No offense ground pounders, but an infantry soldier does not cost as much to train as a combat pilot. However, both are very vital to the battlefield outcome.

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