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SF Javelin FGR.1

this started whit playing around whit my Hs-1202-9 model aka Storm FGR 1

i give it a delta wing much like the M4000 i liked the result and for it

here a bit off a back story

in 1985 after receving the Storm FGR.1 RAF made a Operational Requirement 6.85 for a Multi ROLE fighter bomber whit better payload the the Storm FGR.1.

after one year in the 1986 BAE´s Javelin FGR Mk.1 took its frist flight! IOC was reached in 1989.


BAE´s solution has a Delta wing and belly stores lift was gainned and FBW and the new give more agilty then ever!

Javelin FGR1 replace both jaguar in strike and CAS the Tornados F1 in air to air role!

FM his just copy paste has usal

Cockpit by Ravenclaw

all weapons are on Gunny weapons pack


model skins and ini edits by me Cocas

decals by Spinners


to install just drop the on your savegames etc StrikeFighters folder




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