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One bullet is all it takes... sometimes

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Being as I'm away from home most of the week, I've been doing QCs up until now. For the same reason. I wanted my first WOFF campaign to be easy on the flying time, easy on the flying skill, and easy on the eye. And as I'd never flown a D.VII in campaign before I decided to join Jasta 74 as a Leutnant in October '18. Also as I could see one of my favourite ace paint jobs (it's not there yet, but never mind).

Anyhow, first campaign flight was a reconnaissance. I wasn't leading and this formation flying malarkey is a #%&*$# so I was concentrating on that. Nearing the end of the patrol, my flight leader suddenly snapped right and there straight ahead was an enemy aircraft!. With a bit of rudder-punching (very inelegant) I got on his tail and sprayed the sky around him with a short burst. He spun away and I watched him as he spiraled down, expecting him to recover any moment, but he was very, very low and still spinning before I had to stop looking.

When we landed I was prompted for a claim. I duly filled it in, expecting nothing because the stats said I'd had one hit out of 90! But...


One Shot 01.jpg

One Shot 02.jpg

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Had the same thing happen once in RoF, also in a D.VII. I went head on against a Breguet14.B2 with enough time to get off about 6 rounds, one of which killed the pilot. Was one of those rare sim moments you never forget.



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