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  1. Really looking forward to the Canuck... that said I've never understood why Belgium of all places ordered it. Sure in the vast northern wastes of the Arctic it makes perfect sense... however you could drop the nation of Belgium on top of Canada and never find it again...
  2. Thanks, a pot of coffee and my Sunday afternoon reading is sorted
  3. Would that be the Tasmanian Sea by any chance? The "poor man's" Tom-Kitty:
  4. You simply a cannot make a comparison between the nature of air combat during the cold war and the Luftwaffe seal clubbing their way around Europe in the early 1940's... Nor can you make a comparison between he careers of those who served tours of a set duration and those whom through circumstance were forced to fight for the duration.
  5. Really begs the question... what would be the point? Might as well just use the F-104 since the proposed offering was essentially an F-4 minus all the good bits. Was really disappointing when I found out the true nature of the original Luftwaffe F-4 proposal, for years I'd imagined something akin to the F3H-3G/H "Super Demon".
  6. Lets say it has an extending oleo strut on the nose... nose goes up, tail goes down... problem solved
  7. A subtle one here... there are changes to the Vixen as well but none are visible bar the missiles. Knocked the jet into an FAW.3... pinched the engines from a Lightning, the radar from a Phantom and a nerw pit from a Lightning F.6. Also turned the Firestreak into a Blue Dolphin by ini tweaks and a crude over paint of the seaker head. she'll now do Mach 1.2 and really is all weather capable.
  8. Another one that just looks right Decided to look up Swedish for Tornado... disappointingly is seems to be "Tornado"
  9. Ran Into a flight of 42Sqn Phantoms on the way home
  10. No worries, was sure I'd read somewhere it was AI only so thought I was going to have to do that bit myself. Edit: - seems to be WinRar thats the issue, managed to get in with 7Zip
  11. Having a spot of bother mate, only just getting around to installing now having downloaded last week but the file is corrupted and wont open. Tried re-downloading but had the same result.

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