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  1. Browser reccomendations?

    I'm giving Brave a go at the moment, lots of very easy to use and seemingly effective ad/script blocking built into it - no complaints so far in the last two weeks or so. (Link)
  2. Air Force Landing vs Navy Landing

    Kinda wonder how much longer Naval birds would last if they only did that ashore during FCLP.
  3. US Marines interested in acquiring the Kuwait fleet of Hornets

    I suspect they either intend to use them or treat them as spare parts much as they did with the UK's Harriers.
  4. 02/04/82 - 14/06/82
  5. Checkmate-SU-75

    TBH I think it looks kinda fugly, bit like a slimed down XF-32.
  6. Makes two of us, really wasn't a fan back when it was just known as the EFA but its grown on me over the years.
  7. USAF F-22 landing mishap

    Was thinking the same, didn't they spend about 5 years rebuilding one after a wheels-up landing? Returned to service about a year or so back.
  8. The Corona Virus Thread

    Dodged it for two years WFH, I was back in the office for a whole 6 days over a two week period... got it. Nothing much to report though, double vaxed and boosted, was no worse for me than a bad cold, some not so lucky and the plan now seems to be lets just pretend it's gone away.
  9. Ghost of Kyiv

  10. Ghost of Kyiv

    Controlability issues maybe? Seems to be damage to blades on both upper and lower rotors.
  11. Eurofighter Bundesluftwaffe Air refueling Night

    I knew things were pretty dire for the German armed forces but F-me...
  12. UK F-35B down

    Bloody lucky he was snagged by the deck and didn't end up in the water, he would have likely either been hit by the hull or sucked into the screws.
  13. UK F-35B down

    UK F-35B down Operating from HMS QE in the med, pilot got out.
  14. Kinda wondering how the RN were getting on with theirs... (just a thought) Btw, in the UK there's no suffix applied after the unit number, so it would just be "1 Squadron", "9 Squadron" and "16 Squadron".
  15. JMSDF Izumo - F-35B

    So Japan just rejoined the Carrier club: Izumo 1st F-35B landing/launch

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