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  1. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    Frankly I'm amazed the thread lasted that long without this particular incident coming up lol
  2. There's footage about of a section of Canadian Hornets going trough the loop about a year ago... when I say "through" it was actually "over" for the most part. Their support Herc really put them all to shame when it damn near taxied through
  3. Fat chance in the UK... 2nd hand maybe. For new replace the $ with £ and add 50.00
  4. Much appreciated, wasn't particularly wanting to buy the full Warthog set up when I have no interest in the Wartohog stick, only the Hornet's
  5. London Bridge Attack

    The dungeons and torture rooms in the Tower of London are still there aren't they? If not how about a restoration to design specs...
  6. U-2 carrier take offs and landings

    So landing a unicycle pogo stick on a carrier
  7. Just checked, the F-14's in the 1986 movie did have USN markings, they wore the wrong unit markings but this was deliberate. The USN were pretty supportive of the production as they saw it as a recruiting poster.
  8. Think I'm with you on that for the tailplanes. Over all to me it almost looks like the result of an encounter between a Hunter and a Lightening at the back of hangar on a cold miserable winters night
  9. Hey Russ, what's the first one? Sorta looks like it could be a Hunter follow on/development but not sure I've ever seen it before.
  10. Most likely, though at this stage in the game what good is control when his market base is too small to drum up more than a few thousand $. He's actively limited his market... the player base could have been much larger and much more lucrative if he'd just accepted cold hard financial reality... he needed something like Steam if he wanted to make the series a success.
  11. Hebrew lesson

    There's a certain four letter word in English begging with F that has much the same definitions in Scotland
  12. V Bombers of the RAF

    Fancied picking up the Hawk 200 a few months ago after some screenies surfaced here... After seeing the level of personal info the dingbat running that place wants I decided he can keep the damn thing... There is no legitimate reason for him to require the following info:

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