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  1. Pre-Falklands FRS1?

    Thanks, really appreciate the attention yo're giving her just now, I'm a huge fan of the little bugger.
  2. Pre-Falklands FRS1?

    I promise I wont scratch the paint while attempting a Farley take off... last few attempts in the FA2 ended with a bang.
  3. Hi all, long shot but is anyone aware of any 1978-1982 Sea Harrier skins? I've tried to adapt the FRS.51 (Indian) skin myself but not really happy with the results and frankly my painting skills aren't really up to much. The glossy high-viz Blue over White scheme was pretty short lived on the Shar, though looks a lot nicer IMHO than the war/post war all over EDSG schemes they wore until the FA2 came along.
  4. DCS Turkey Pre-Order

    I kind of figured 32GB ram was a given, if for no other reason than attempting to future proof the machine. My current rig was built to get me through Uni... I graduated 5 years ago and it's only just begging to show its age
  5. DCS Turkey Pre-Order

    Tell me about it... I've been waiting for this since the first iteration of LOMAC Time to start building a new rig
  6. WTF?

    So either its Photoshop or a Museum did it for logistical reasons? There actually was a navalised version of the Meteor, never went beyond a prototype though.
  7. Shore based or did we sell Hermes before it went commando?
  8. Eventful week for the F-35

    First combat use by the US: https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/us-marine-corps-f-35b-makes-first-air-strike-in-afg-452259/ First deck landing on the Queen Elizabeth: Incidentally the same pilot made the last Harrier deck landing by the RN. Can't find any articles yet but pics have started circulating on aviation forums: https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/modern-military-aviation/147967-2018-f-35-news-and-discussion/page36 https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/uk-prepares-for-f-35b-carrier-trials-452238/ First crash (pilot got out unharmed): https://www.cbsnews.com/news/military-plane-crash-beaufort-county-south-carolina-live-updates-2018-09-28/
  9. I'll need to re-install SF2NA but would gladly take a look over the weekend.
  10. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    Could be interesting, if for no other reason than its about events that get very little attention. Though I do need to say the effects are god awful... it almost looks like a mid/late 90's made for TV B movie.
  11. Syrians decide to shoot first and ask questions latter... somehow this is Israel's fault... um... ok... How much vodka is required before that makes sense?
  12. Midway remake to start filming in September

    "The Patriot"? Ah yes... "Braveheart II - USA edition"... I'm not holding my breath either... I fully expect historical accuracy to take a back seat and a sappy love story a La "Pearl Harbor" to be thrown in... Expect the action sequences will be up to scratch though.
  13. Could almost see it replacing the Hunter assuming the Jaguar never arrived.
  14. Iran unveils new Kowsar Fighter

    Even if only for internal consumption... the Iranian people know they've been flying F-5's for decades, and know it's an American design... Who exactly are they trying to kid here?

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