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  1. Think that's the 3rd Cannuck I've seen over the years as WIP and none have yet made it out of the hangar
  2. This one just looks so right in RAF colours Craig
  3. Razbam and SF2 series

    To be fair the Razbam Banshee pre-dates SF2NA by years, they got out of Thirdwire before NA was even on the horizon due to never ending patches buggering things up.
  4. Rockets salvo

    Might be a work around... I recall the F4D Skyray has its rockets set up as guns in order to fool the AI into using them as air to air weapons. Could the same "trick" be used again but give an extremely high rate of fire to allow a salvo?
  5. I want a Phoenix firing Vulcan !!!

    Just my 0.02... I'd go with internal purely for the sake of drag. The Vulcan's long range will quickly evaporate with the set up shown above. If range is a concern then external tanks where the Skybolts were going to go? Craig
  6. Razbam and SF2 series

    Not in the Thirdwire series, though they can in FSX/P3d. Read a post years ago on their own boards with someone asking the same, Ron stated it wasn't included for the 3W build as it was a visual effect only with no impact in game... Can't say I understand the logic as the parts were already animated on the base model...
  7. Happy to see its still being worked on, very fond of the Sea Harrier, particularly the FA.2 Craig
  8. USAF pre-Phantom air superiority fighter?

    Not according to Mr K Johnson it wasn't
  9. Top Gun Maverick

    He's still in the Navy 32 years on and driving a Super-Bug now? Ok... he "Feels the need for... not quite as much speed" Craig
  10. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    Sorry missed that bit. Like I said, I would be surprised if the f-35's don't have the capacity to have tanks fitted, if the Israelis are even thinking about it then the the wings and pylons must already be plumbed. If that's the case then its really only a matter of time until they show up as its only the tanks themselves to be developed..
  11. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    The F-8 could carry external tanks, it just generally didn't. Not sure if they were ever even fully cleared but at least the J model was built with points on the wings. In the case of the F-35 I'd be surprised if they don't have the ability to mount ferry tanks in much the same manner as the F-22 does.
  12. In the Navy

    Blackadder Goes Fourth: Craig
  13. Whats the model? Don't think I've seen that one before Craig
  14. Been away for a few weeks and this just keeps getting better and better
  15. Welcome back, been along time

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