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  1. Forgot how good these classic films were.

    Pretty sure I've got this on DVD somewhere:
  2. Thunder Thursday

    & Very Very Frightening
  3. Another Buff Reactivated...

    "When the last B-2 flies off to the boneyard they'll send a B-52 to pick up the crew."
  4. Cruddy Mondays

    So apparently its a Crud... new on on me, thought the "Crud" was referring to the crappy weather and the fact Mondays are just kinda crappy in genera One not so Cruddy Crud landing:
  5. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    Need I remind you that It was YOU that expanded the discussion away from the shoot down when YOU brought up the IL-20, Soyuz, Ka-52 and SSJ-100 incidents... not me... Again, you made a series of dumb remarks and you've been called on it.
  6. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    You made a stupid remark and were called on it... this is not a uniquely Russian phenomenon, and its not an argument. There is no more of a tendency for this sort of incident in Russia than there is anywhere else: A USN F-14 shot down a USAF F-4. A US destroyer shot down an airliner. Both Airbus and Boeing have built planes that are capable of overruling the crew with dire consequences. There have been more blue on blue incidents involving western air power since the firs Gulf war than I can honestly remember at this point. British submarines went through a phase of mounting every rock and island they could find. USN surface combatants seem to have been experimenting with ramming tactics against merchant vessels over the last couple of years. Embarrassing screw ups happen all around the globe... I also never said that I don't believe the 31 on 31 kill happened... I didn't actually comment on it at all...
  7. Phinest in the Phleet
  8. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    And as we all know no western pilot has ever F'd up at any point in history... there is not a single recorded incident anywhere of a live fire accident involving American, British, French, German forces... oh... wait...
  9. Interview with an Su-15 pilot

    I imagine they were saying exactly the same thing about us
  10. Cruddy Mondays

    I seem to have misplaced Edinburgh:
  11. Risking incurring wrath for violating the no quoting screenies policy, but it is for a reason... We can drop individual tanks? I've been playing this game since 2000-and-dot and didn't know this
  12. Rarely, usually only during exercises as a one off. However a Rafale M squadron embarked on an American carrier a year or so back while the CdG was in refit, and a USMC F-35B squadron will embark on the Queen Elizabeth's first cruise as the RAF/RN wont have enough jets in time. With that said the USN and USMC were the only Hornet operators with access to carriers, no other nation operating the type trains for carrier ops.
  13. As much as I have a soft spot for the 104... the Mirage just makes so much more sense for Germany.
  14. Reminds me of the "MiG-15's" from "The Hunters"

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