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  1. 40 Years ago : the birth of the Hornet

    It didn't take 40 years to develop... and the USN has already retired them from front line service. The program started in the early 1970's, first flight 1978, service entry 1983... start to finish it was developed over about 10 years.
  2. Gracias, yo se un poco español
  3. NF-104 tanks?

    Thanks, owe you one... tanks have been banished Just gotta work out why the rocket motor effect isn't showing and I think I'll be done tweaking my F-104's Thats actually a JF-104, a slightly earlier NASA program, note the lack of a rocket under the fin. It was used for high alt research but it "only" ever got up to about 80,0000 ft or so. The NF-104 was supposed to be a trainer for X-15 and X-20 Dynasoar pilots, it wasn't really intended as a research platform in its own right.
  4. Whats the story with the red white and blue one? I'm guessing flight test/research or display but I've never seen that scheme before.
  5. Watched "The Right Stuff" the other night and remembered we an NF-104 and a map with Edwards AFB... have spent most of the afternoon above 100k ft... For the life of me I cannot work out why the tip tanks are present, they shouldn't be as the NF-104 didnt have any. The first thing I thought to check was the loadout.INI but this model doesn't actually have one. I then read through the Data.INI and there is nothing calling out for tip tanks. The only reference I can find are the three texture files titled SM_Droptank-F104", nothing in the ini's to actually request they be used... at least not that I can find Anyone have any idea how to get rid of them?
  6. Sea Harrier FA2_2018

    Was holding off on posting any screenies until you released her... might be spamming the thread shortly Thanks again, the new pit really makes a world of difference for the FA.2
  7. I'll take deafened over getting blown off my feat by a visiting F-4F at Leuchars
  8. Amen, To the best of my knowledge its the best combat "sim" featuring the F-4... if you just want to fly the F-4 then FSX/P3d have a couple of really nice add-ons but if you want to blow something up this is where you need to be... at least until the DCS module arrives though that wont have the variety you get here.
  9. If Phantoms are you'r thing then I'd recommend SF2 Vietnam, you can merge the two titles into a single install which means you'll be able to use the features added in NA in Vietnam. There is a very intuitive simple mission editor is available as a DLC, though if you want to spend a bit more its included in the European expansion pack (however you'd also need SF2E as well).
  10. Canadian CF104 Nuclear bombing role?

    Fly low, fly fast and crash into the nearest hill pretty much sums up 104 strike ops in Europe.
  11. Ditto, the avionics in TW games are so simplified that there's no challenge in using PGM's... different in DCS but not here :P Dumb bombs for me too.
  12. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    If you voted for said government then you are responsible for the actions of that government... A civilian questioning and if necessary opposing their governments actions and motives is not treason... its often an obligation...

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