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  1. UK F-35B down

    Bloody lucky he was snagged by the deck and didn't end up in the water, he would have likely either been hit by the hull or sucked into the screws.
  2. UK F-35B down

    UK F-35B down Operating from HMS QE in the med, pilot got out.
  3. Kinda wondering how the RN were getting on with theirs... (just a thought) Btw, in the UK there's no suffix applied after the unit number, so it would just be "1 Squadron", "9 Squadron" and "16 Squadron".
  4. JMSDF Izumo - F-35B

    So Japan just rejoined the Carrier club: Izumo 1st F-35B landing/launch
  5. BAE Systems Tempest UK new combat aircraft

    Given that both Sweden and Italy are already involved...
  6. Curbing the Taliban push?

    This is the only way this shit show was ever going to end, was more a case of "when" than it was "if".
  7. Strike Fighters 2 vs War Thunder jets?

    Don't bother... it's a spaghetti coded bugfest that will drain your will to live... starting now it would take months to get to things like the Phantom, it's just not worth the time or effort. Low/Mid Tier stuff can be fun, if for no other reason than it allows to blow off some steam vs other players rather than AI... just a pity MP got axed from the TW series.... WT is a very poor substitute for what could have been.
  8. New Rig time

    Yeah, not really expecting to see it actually built until some point in the summer unfortunately. Just hoping te current machine lasts that long as I've been putting this off longer than i really should have.
  9. Is there a list of shared flight sticks?

    The Harrier GR7/9 (& AV-8B), Jaguar GR.3 and Tornado F.3 used the same stick as the Hornet.
  10. New Rig time

    Hi guys, just looking for some last minute advice before I hit the order button on this: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X GPU: nVidia GeForce MSI Ventus 3X OC RTX 3080 PSU: Kolink Continuum 850W RAM: 64GB Corsair DDR4 3000MHz C16 (2x 32GB) Cooler: MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R Drive: Samsung 1TB 980 PCI-E 4.0 X4 NVMe (already have several external drives available if additional storage required) My thoughts/concerns at this point: For the CPU I gather there are better value options when looked at from a cost per core perspective, not sure though I'd be making a noticeable gain in MSFS (or DCS for that matter) by upgrading further? On cooling I'm debating whether to go with the 360R over the 240R - its going to be my first venture into liquid cooling, not so sure I's going to make much of a difference tbh. Planning to run MSFS and DCS on this build, likely very little else. Don't really plan on VR initially though I do want it to be an option down the road.
  11. Ever wondered how a Sidewinder works?

    Fascinating Documentary
  12. How about a Fairy Gannet? Pretty sure we don't have one yet.
  13. F-15EX first flight

    So technically the replacement for the F-22* is an F-15... who could have called that back in the 90's? *The ones that were never built.
  14. Human Transport by Fighter Planes, EXINT POD!

    I knew about the EXINT pods, as in I was aware of the design... didn't realise they'd actually been built, had mentally written it off as a paper project.
  15. Smarter Everyday - Nuclear Submarine

    Would also recommend, been watching a lot of his content over the last few weeks.

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