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  1. That was actually pretty damned convincing for a run into San Carlos. Don't really keep up to date with IL2 any more so this may be old news but I found this, in keeping with the Falklands theme:
  2. MB-339A

  3. EF-2000

  4. Your Favorite Flight Sim Campaigns

    I really miss these kinds of touches... just doesn't really happen anymore. For myself probably some of the IL2 DBW campaigns. BoB and Korean Panthers spring to mind.
  5. What the hell is wrong with me?

    Actually CFS2 had an animated LSO as well.
  6. What the hell is wrong with me?

    I can relate, very fond memories of Janes IAF and CFS2.
  7. USS Fitzgerald, Sorry girls.

    Cpt Aubrey I presume? Fingers crossed for the missing 7.
  8. Best Jet trainer

    Same question. I've been waiting since the first days of LOMAC for a proper F-14 and or F/A-18. Getting to the point that I really should consider getting to grips with it so that I'm ready for the Cat and Bug when they arrive in the hopefully not to distant future. From what I've read I'm leaning towards the F-5 as well but I welcome input from those more familiar with the game.
  9. Learn your callsign

    "Ripping Knuckles"... coulda been worse
  10. Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2

    This was uploaded 2 years ago though it may not be too far off the mark. Craig.
  11. May the Fourth be with You.

    Beware Revenge of the 5th
  12. Man in the High Castle ...

    I've only seen the pilot so far, main issue is just how exactly the Germans/Japanese were supposed to accomplish a successful overwhelming invasion of North America in the first place. Craig
  13. Been hoping you'd tackle some flat tops for a while Planning any more? Craig

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