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  1. Smarter Everyday - Nuclear Submarine

    Would also recommend, been watching a lot of his content over the last few weeks.
  2. The Corona Virus Thread

    UK is starting to look like "28 Days Later" - pretty much everyone already has or soon will sever air links, Euro-Tunnel is closed and France has closed its channel ports to UK traffic. As with most things C-19 related its looking like too little too late, the new strain has been known since September and has already been detected in Italy. Only a single known case there last I heard but its the unknowns we need to worry about, who knows how many more are out there or where. If it's made it as far as Italy it stands to reason it could easily be present everywhere in between and beyond. From what is known so far the new strain isn't any more dangerous on an individual case basis but is far more transmissible.
  3. Top Gun 2020

    Part of me would rather have seen a sequel where Maverick was flying that cargo plane full of rubber dog **** outa Honk Kong
  4. HOTAS options

    Guess that makes sense, re. a Covid related spike in demand. If that's the case I've waited years already so a few more weeks wont kill me. For the Cougar unfortunately it was more the throttle than the stick that I was interested in getting to work, gave up tinkering with it about a year back, windows just refuses to recognize it.
  5. HOTAS options

    Decided to finally take the plunge and buy a Warthog as I plan on getting into DCS, I've been holding off for years as I simply haven't had the time. The one upshot to the events of this year is that working from home has given me back two+ hours a day that I'm no longer losing going to/from the office. On looking into it I now assume the Warthog has gone out of production as prices online are starting to get silly, up to £1400.00 in places for both the throttle and the stick. Sod that, my tight fisted inner Scotsman is coming through, £1400 is about 3x what they cost just a year or two back. I had thought that perhaps Thrustmaster were going to come out with a new throttle when they announced the F/A-18 grip a year or two back, suppose that's not likely given how long has now passed. Also seems odd that they'd release the new grip standalone when the required accessories to make it usable are seemingly no longer commonly available. I've looked into other options such as Virpl (https://virpil-controls.eu/), their throttle set up seems the best bet as a a successor to the Warthog, F-14 grip is also tempting if I'm honest since I plan on spending most of my time in Tomcats and Hornets. Unless there's something coming round the corner I'm not aware of then its a toss up between forking out over the odds for a Warthog, gambling on second hand or Virpl's offering. Think I'm leaning towards Virpl but could be swayed, any thoughts gentlemen? ** side note: I already have an old HOTAS Cougar but I've never been able to get the damned thing to talk to Windows 7 or beyond, shame really as it would be perfect for the Viper module.
  6. Doubt it is actually true but I heard a story in a bar once about an RAF Tornado (actually might have been a Buccaneer?) from the Gulf War... well you've all heard of bird strikes... this guy supposedly had a Camel strike
  7. Not usually a fan of WWII in Thirdwire but I'll definitely be grabbing that Marltet when its done - one of my dad's uncles flew them
  8. US B-52 buzzing by two Russian jets

    The unprofessional part is in how close he got... not the fact that they dared to intercept the B-52
  9. Razbam Banshee

    If you're planning what I hope you are then Rob hangs around over at Sim-Outhouse. He's pretty accommodating to the FSX crowd in that he's tending more and more towards P3d but generally seems willing to do an FSX conversion whenever someone asks. Fingers crossed he lets you use his birds as a jumping off point as his back catalog is a potential goldmine, several of them I believe have never been done for SF2.
  10. Looking for a crazy aircraft

    Vodka... its a hell of a drug
  11. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    Just a suggestion:
  12. I want one. I'm broke yes ... but I'd like to try this.

    I'm a mechanical engineer.... I'm stuck at home for the forseable future.... Don't give me ideas edit: showed the vid to m'lady.... "don't even think about it"
  13. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    Frankly I'm amazed the thread lasted that long without this particular incident coming up lol

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