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Red Tide Soviet Air Force 773 IAP MiG-15bis

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Red Tide Soviet Air Force 773 IAP MiG-15bis

Red Tide Soviet Air Force(V-VS)773 IAP MiG-15bis campaign


For Strike Fighters 2 Europe


This campaign with some 54 missions is the version V-VS of the default campaing Red Tide of 1956.

Historical accurate with the main units and bases deployment by Nov 17 to Jan 10, 1957.

Campaign need Expansion Packs 1 and 2 for some aircrafts and textures.


Original campaign was reworked in many items, all NATO and Warsaw Pact had his bases, name of units, number of aircrafts, textures and weapons availables revised and corrected.

Added USAF F-86F Sabre(525, 561, 562 and 563 FIS)

Added RAF Sabre MK.4(No.26 Sqn)

Added RAF DH Venom(No.11, 16, 94, 145 and 266 Sqn)

Added RAF Canberra (BI)MK.8(No.17, 31, 59, 80, 88 and 213 Sqn)

Added three RCAF Baden-Söllingen and Zweibrücken Sabre Mk.4 and Mk.6 squadrons(No. 414, 442 and 444 Sqn)

Added Armée de L'Air F-86K from EC 1/13 Artois and EC 2/13 Alpes

Added Armée de L'Air Ouragans from EC 1/4 Dauphiné and EC 2/4 La Fayette

Added Koninklijke Luchtmacht F-86K from No.700, 701 and 702 Sqn

Added Koninklijke Luchtmacht and BAF F-84G Thunderjets from No.306 and 30th BAF

Added and checked data of all Meteors units from Koninklijke Luchtmacht and BAF


Also the campaign utilised the following extra aircrafts(to download),all availables by Combat Ace:


-F-86D-45 SF2(by Storm)

-SF2 Korean War Era F-86 Sabre Pak(by Wrench)

(*Sorry, but I dont have finded F-86Fs from European based units)

-Canadair Sabre Mk.4 Pack, for SF2(by Wrench)

-SF2 Canadair Sabre Mk.6, RCAF and AMI(by Wrench)

-DH Venom 1.3(By Paulopanz)

-Canberra B(I) mk8(By MigBuster)

-F-86K For SF2 by Paulopanz 1.0(By Dave)

-Dassault Ouragan MD-450 1.2(By pauloPanz)

-Republic F-84G Thunderjet by RussoUK , For SF2(By Wrench)

-sf2-midget-pak(by Wrench)


Many thanks them to all.


As usually all info and others in the readme.


Happy flight and enjoy.


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