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Map 7:America Mobilizes

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                The United States mobilizes for war

America officially joined the war in April 1917, but it would take a year before American troops started arriving in a large enough volume to make a significant difference in the outcome of the war. The United States had never mobilized so many troops to fight in a war so far away. Congress, anticipating a possible war, had authorized a troop buildup in 1916; at that time the US had only had 130,000 soldiers. G.J. Meyer writes that "thirty-two training camps, each occupying eight to twelve thousand acres and containing fifteen hundred buildings capable of accommodating forty thousand men, were constructed in sixty days" after the declaration of war. Despite these efforts, fewer than 200,000 troops had arrived on French soil by the end of 1917. But those numbers grew rapidly in 1918. By May, 200,00 fresh troops per month were flooding onto the continent.


MAP_33 THE U.Sasdfghj.jpg

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