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WOFF 2.0 is up!

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Well, the new WOFF 2.0 has been released, I bought  it, and expect I'll be getting some stick time in later today. I really (that 'really' should have been in all caps!) am liking the look of WOFF. After the advent of ROF, I felt OFF looked pale and washed out. Even despite the assurances from Forum members that northern Europe really looked like that. It just didn't satisfy any more. And I must confess, WOFF was a disappointment for me. 'Seems I misunderstood the historicity of it and assumed that if I haunted the area around Vaux-sur-Somme, on or about 21 April, I'd get a chance to tangle with von Richtofen, but it doesn't work that way. And just prior to WOFF's release, I was persuaded to try a two-seater campaign. But I found WOFF's Roland C.II & DFW to be completely unmanageable. Add frustration to the disappointment. Lately, I haven't been flying  much. But with the arrival of some brilliant Modders (Sweet FX, Shadows & Cloud Mod) it's a whole new game, a whole new world. It's still vastly different from ROF, but every bit as dramatic. Every bit as aesthetic. Which, for me, is a big deal. Most of what OFF and WOFF have had to offer is lost on me; I don't fly campaigns. I'm strictly a QC pilot. But this is a world I want to fly in. It's darker than ROF, bordering on gloomy, there's a palpable threat in the air. (But...this The Great War, isn't it?) I got it installed  last night and after I get a few errands done this afternoon, I think I'll strap on a Nieuport 17 and go chase some Eindeckers.

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