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slick cowboy

S-3B skins improved

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S-3B skins improved

These are improved skins for the S-3B Viking.

The improvements are especially thinner panel lines (I really hate those big ass blurs around the lines :-)) and I also added some rivets. I changed some decals as well.

I corrected a few lines here and there based on actual walkaround pics (the pylons and engines for instance)


I didn't redo all the the skins, but most of them. To make sure nothing gets lost I added all of the decals for each squadron.


The included skins are for:


VS-21, VS-22, VS-24, VS-27, VS-30, VS-32, VS-33 and VS-38.


I found the VS-22 and VS-24 in the Black Sea Expansion pack and no credits to be found there for these.

So if the real slim shady would stand up, then I can include him.


I also included the template I made based on the original skins, in case anyone would want to use it for missing squadrons.


Get the original aircraft here:





Original credits:


FoxMonter for the aircraft;

HrntFixer &

Paul Nortness, "Fist of the Fleet" for skins and decals;

TMF (me thinks!) for the USN series of sound files.

Wrench for assembling the package, and all the editing work;

Of course, TK and 3rdWire for the base games themselves!!



Original skin credits:


VS-21 Fighting Redtails +

VS-27 Sea Wolves *

VS-29 Dragonfires +

VS-30 Diamondcutters +

VS-30DS (Desert Storm) ?

VS-32 Maulers ?

VS-33 Screwbirds +

VS-33lo Screwbirds (Lo-Viz) +

VS-35 Blue Wolves *

VS-38 Red Griffins +

VX-1 Pioneers +


The suffix symbols designate the artist that created the skins/decals. The Key is below:



+=Paul Nortness



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