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Guardians of the GUIK Gap

Guardians of the GUIK Gap

Submarine Hunters of the Atlantic


Year: 1979

Flyable Services: French Navy

Carrier Operations: Yes

Naval Combat: ASW / Convoy Attacks

Ground War Scale: None

What to expect: A lot of flying over Open Water looking for Subs.


September 1979.

As the Soviet Army invades West Germany, an entire division of Soviet Airborne troops parachute onto Iceland.


As the US Navy moves to recapture the Island (Operation Northern Sabre) the French is asked by NATO to guard the GIUK Gap against Soviet Forces.


As a Alizé pilot, you are to prevent any submarines from attacking the Clemenceau, sink enemy transports bringing reinforcements to Iceland

and work alongside your squadron to secure victory for NATO in this vital sector.


Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline!


Please note:

This campaign is best played with visual and targeting aids on difficult setting. It becomes a tad too easy otherwise.



This mod requires Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic and Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam OR French F-8E (FN) Crusader DLC.


Install into the Strike Fighters 2 Mod Folder of your choice, usually found at

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFigthers2


While this Campaign and assets are made to work together with other minor campaigns and mods, I cannot guarantee

compatibility. Allow overwrites or use a separate folder.


For credits, please read (and actually do it too!) the file named "Credits". I could not do what I do

without all these talented people!


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