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Armchair Aces over Galicia

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Armchair Aces over Galicia

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Welcome WWI buffs! This new series is a compilation covering 15 months of air war in Galicia Front in WWI.


The entire war is divided in mini-campaigns of a month-10 missions. I'm using the brand new Galicia 2 terrain by Stephen1918. You'll have about 15 mini-campaigns and 150 missions per pilot!


The beauty of this approach is that you can follow your fav unit throught the war, or you can simulate unit transfers for your pilot. You can start as a two seater pilot (as most Germans did), and then be "transferred" to a fighter unit.
This mod is intended for FE2, but I think it works fine in FE with a little text edit (change all SPAD7_150 references for SPAD7 ones).


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