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Off line dogfights in your CK game.

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If you would like to setup and have off line dogfights in the CK game this is how to do it.


If you are using the WW1 island map then you need to turn off the weapons folder in your game, so go into your CK game folder and find the weapons folder and put a X like this Xweapons and that turns it off, if you are using the Northern Italy map then you don't need to do this.


1, Now start your game with the CK_MOD....exe.


2, Go to free flight.


3, Pick the side and the plane that you want to fight and go into game with it.


4, Then go to out side view back of plane and scroll back just a little.


5, Press the V key and pick the plane you want to be in and bring it into game.


6, Then press tab key the one with the two arrows on it and that puts you back in the first plane.


7, Now press shift + F8 up will come a window press load script and pick ( defend the runway long.txt ) and press Accept, that plane will now take off by AI.


8, Now press tab key the one with the two arrows on it and that will put you back in the plane that you will control, now take off and that AI plane will come running after you to kill you! :ohmy:


You can do this with up to 24 planes if your PC can handle it and you can make them all AI and just go from plane to plane with the tab key and go for a ride while they dogfight.


Also F5 and F6 are fly away views, I use F5 as you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.


And if you are in a AI plane and it gets killed you can restart it by fallowing the ( load script ) or you can move the ( your are dead ) window out of the way and just go on to the next live plane. 


 Have fun :biggrin:


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If you haven't tried this, you should. Good way to sharpen your fighting skills. Haven't found the AI to be too daunting, but then I'm flying one-on-one in a D7. Will try 2 v. 1 soon. Hope to see you in the CK servers. Beware the red wings.

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