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  1. If you haven't tried this, you should. Good way to sharpen your fighting skills. Haven't found the AI to be too daunting, but then I'm flying one-on-one in a D7. Will try 2 v. 1 soon. Hope to see you in the CK servers. Beware the red wings.
  2. What has changed?

    Spungie; Waited until 2015 (1815pacific) at Strike Fighters checking Wings over Vietnam occasionally, then went back to Red Baron Redux.
  3. What has changed?

    Spungie' My apologies. I have forgotten more than I knew. Do you use anything other than hyperlobby chat? Really would like to get away from any in-game typing. I will try to find you this Monday (08Feb10) - 2000 Central (1800 Pacific) is a good time for me. Any others are welcome to join us. I have not tried the WOV server. Any other setup tricks than copying/re-naming the wwi.exe? Also, I fly either the Oct08 or Nov08 patch, which is the Expansion Pack, if I remember correctly. Never easy.
  4. What has changed?

    Quack; Not sure, I do not think it came up before. My 'guess' is that if you host, they will; if you don't host, they will not appear. As I recall, we all load the host's config including planes. I think that will include skins, but I do not really know. Does anyone?
  5. What has changed?

    Spungie; Mr. Craig has pretty well fallen off the map. Moving to La La land made him disappear. Since when did you start flying First Eagles? See post to Quack74 and maybe we can get together.
  6. What has changed?

    Quack; Online play is not easy. It can be frustrating because the setups have to be pretty close to identical. That said, FE can be a lot of fun, but you have to be patient. Dogfight is the only real option, but that is my preference anyway. We have the choice of hyperlobby, hamachi, or the in-game connection. Eons ago, hamachi gave the best results. Not sure which is best now. I am usually online around 1900 central. I haven't been hanging around a teamspeak or ventrilo server for quite awhile, but that is how it starts. We have to agree upon a communications medium - especially during setup. If you have a favorite - teamspeak, ventrilo, skype, google talk, yahoo, live messenger - let me know and we will try to make contact. I am leaning towards Skype, but have never used it for game play - j18dread, if anyone is interested. Anyone who wants to join us, feel free to make suggestions. Post here or send me an email and we will make it happen.
  7. Been away playing IL2 in expectation of Canvas Knights and trying to get some online time via Red Baron Redux. Would like to try FE again, so need to come up to speed with latest changes. When I left the last update was the Nov08 that fixed some CTD caused by the Oct08 patch. Only problem for me was the AI became sitting ducks - took all the fun out of Instant Action and Single Missions. Just was playing Instant Action and had a CTD. The question is: Has the AI problem been fixed in the Nov08 patch? Was not able to see any subsequent patches, but I could have missed it. As an aside, is anyone playing FE online? Never was a vibrant online community, but maybe that has changed.
  8. Multiplayer

    To build on what quack said there is no easy way to play FE online, which is a real shame. However, if you are willing to invest a little time, it is possible. I have outlined what I think are the appropriate steps at http://j18dread.home.comcast.net look under the online tab. The key is finding like minded folks that are available when you are. Hanging out at the team speak server is not very effective, given the paucity of online players. Setting up a Yahoo FE friends may be an alternative, but you still have the problem of finding players. I have all but given up on FE online and have switched to IL2 in the expectation that Canvas Knights will soon be available. FE is such a great game that I would be willing to give it a go again. So if you are anywhere near Central time zone (OTC -6) and like to play after 1900, let me know.
  9. Just a thought on playing online

    FE is not optimized for online play. If you like one on one or small teams, it has real possibilities. Tailspin is right. You cannot cheat because you fly the whatever fms and dms the host has (because of no standardized fms you end up flying the same plane). If you don't have the plane (you can have more, but not less) you will not be able to join the game. Configuration is a problem, so I suggest that you have a separate install of the latest stock setup and try an coordinate with others before game time. I use the October patch for Instant Action and the November patch for online play. Let me know if I can help.
  10. New to FE

    Hugo36; If we can find a way around the time zones (-6 here in Houston), then I would be most interested is some 1v1 - more, if we can find other participants. FE's greatest weakness is online play. Let me know.
  11. 'Instant Action' after Nov 08 Patch

    Yes, I noticed it too. It is limited to IA, as far as I can tell. I went back to the October patch even with the CTD problem, but then I fly IA during every session.
  12. Online Flying

    You may have to thrash around a bit, but it should be straight forward - just need to know the ip and pw (if any). Recommend using headset with mic as opposed to stand alone mic and speakers. If there is an IM that you use, we can start with that to ease the setup hassle. Happy to help any way I can. Gets kind of lonely up here all by myself.
  13. Online Flying

    Not many. See my post on 29Aug08 for some details. Let me know if I can help you get started. The key is establishing a common configuration. Good luck Anyone know how to link posts? Would be nice to be able to add the link to another post to save typing.
  14. hi guys

    DaSpungie; I am on about 1900 Central most weeknights and various times during the weekend. Best way to meet up is to monitor a teamspeak server. I use KoA's server at no pw. First Eagles channel is near the bottom. Open to any other coordination tool you suggest. Staying in a game server alone is very boring. At least, I can fly missions while listening for prospective targets in a voice chat server. Let me know. I suggest using the fully patched (April 2008) + EP with standard planes and Vogesen terrain (more visually interesting), but am open to any suggestions for a standard configuration. Would be fun to get it going again.
  15. hi guys

    Sorry to hear about your travails. Hope to see you online ASAP. Will the timezones be a problem? I assume you are on GMT (0 UTC), whereas I am -6 UTC. Anything I can do to help, let me know. It is lonely up here, need company.

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