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[help] question about DeploymentMethod

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Hello, I have some questions about DeploymentMethod. Taking slat for example:


DeltaStallAlpha=0.80                                                                    [1] What does it mean? Seens like something about AOA, I think no one will stall in 0.8 degree.
AreaRatio=1.003                                                                           [2] mean?
Setting[1].Angle=3.3                                                                     [3] What s the different from "MaxDeflection"?
Setting[1].DeployValue=3.2                                                          [4] Is this value the real angle which initiate the model?
MaxDeflection=7.0                                                                         [5] Again, if the "Angle" above means the model deploy angel, Why need this one ?
ControlRate=3.0                                                                            [6] moving speed, right?



Besides, I find the AUTOMATIC_MACH also has "Angle" setting here,

Setting[1].Angle=25.0                                                                    [7] What does the Angle mean under AUTOMATIC_MACH set ?





sorry too many questions,  I just want to know it better and set my mod.

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