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  1. You mean the GERMANYS-JA.tod could be replaced by other tree mod to change the density and size of trees?
  2. Given such beautifull high resolution terrain, If the density of the forest is higher, and the individual tree size is smaller, that would be superb, even if the forest area is reduced for game optimization.
  3. Actually, I set OffsetDistance value a little more than yours. Of curse cooperate with wider FOV . That cause the distortion in view corner noticeable. For individual aircraft, I think there should be a balance point between sensation of speed and distortion in field of view. By the way, OffsetDistance value may cause the camera out of cockpit room space when player turnning his head in some situations. So should be carefull. Anyway, modding the viewlist.ini can solve this problem...... half. As for higher density of terrain, "KoreaV3", Should i install Korea3 visual update v 1.1.7z first, then install Korea3 megaupdate v1.7z ?
  4. humm..... That sounds strange. Since the unit of length is correct, time may be the reason left. But time in game matches the reality in my test. very strange. As the Jet model size, i m not sure the TW`s models match exactly. Some other mod have the issue. It s fine, just a little.
  5. Terrain is the default one. By the way, when i establish my model in real unit, i find some jet mod is a little bigger than reality. However, just a little. Whether the FlightEngine.dll in \Strike Fighters 2\Core could be the key?
  6. I doubt that the speed in SF2 is slower than reality. Everytime i watch the trees buildings or roads below my feet when i am in low altitude flight, they pass intolerably slow. Comparing with the low passby in Las Vegas ( DCS ), things movement is much slowler even if you at 500 knots. This issue bother me all the time when i make my jet mod. I ve seached that in forum, but find no answer. I guess focal length ( camera zooming ) is the reason. In my experiment, changing the zooming value dose make sense, but that also cause side effect: fish-eye lens. ( seem like this is not the right way) So, is there any way to change the physics in SF2 ? By coding something for example, i `m not sure. Or alter the corresponding relation between velocity and unit. Any information will be appreciate.
  7. Hello, I have some questions about DeploymentMethod. Taking slat for example: SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE ... DeltaStallAlpha=0.80 [1] What does it mean? Seens like something about AOA, I think no one will stall in 0.8 degree. AreaRatio=1.003 [2] mean? DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_ANGLE_OF_ATTACK Setting[1].Angle=3.3 [3] What s the different from "MaxDeflection"? Setting[1].DeployValue=3.2 [4] Is this value the real angle which initiate the model? Setting[1].RetractValue=2.6 Setting[2].Angle=7.0 Setting[2].DeployValue=4.6 Setting[2].RetractValue=4.3 MaxDeflection=7.0 [5] Again, if the "Angle" above means the model deploy angel, Why need this one ? MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=3.0 [6] moving speed, right? Besides, I find the AUTOMATIC_MACH also has "Angle" setting here, DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_MACH Setting[1].Angle=25.0 [7] What does the Angle mean under AUTOMATIC_MACH set ? Setting[1].DeployValue=0.6 Setting[1].RetractValue=0.7 sorry too many questions, I just want to know it better and set my mod.
  8. It works by following ravenclaw `s step. Thanks verymuch!! I will go addtional test tomorrow, try to learn more. Any infomation about this issue I will put reply here
  9. Hi, i have another question about skin of my aircraft mod. as you see, the canopy glass of original F-15A is transparent and shining. But in my jet the specular highlight is weak after set opacity. This time I use Diffuse color, Specular Level, Opacity and Reflection. Of course my TGA file has alpha channel. I dont know what is wrong, could someone tell me how to keep strong highlight while set opacity?
  10. Yes,of course. But this project will not finish soon, the cockpit will take time to accomplish. Thanks all of you.
  11. Oh, Much appreciate ! I think the specular color or specular level is unreplaceable function for its image. The INI is able to set the high light in the whole part. I do consider that specular level maybe a optimized option, but if it can not display high light in pattern, i shall choose the specular color instead, even it makes the size increasing. This aircraft mod is the ChengDu J-10B, which is 100% hand made by me from Jan.2015. I dont know there is a Banidos Team's J-10B. Anyway, maybe J-10B gets more attention than past. Since I make it after work, it goes slowly. Now I `m making its texture, animation is the next step. There are many modding techs which i dont know, I may ask you for help someday.
  12. Cheers !! It woks! the sp texture file should be in diffuse texture folder when use the specular color . Many thanks! Besides, i have 2 addtional question: 1, As Sophocles said, there is a file which introduce the export notes. Where can i find this file? I really want to read it for further infomation. 2, To Russouk, No, i use DX11 in Win7 . I am very curious about Specular level. When i set it, the specular highlight does work, very much shine. Only the pattern in Specular file does not show. (the Sp file is placed in aircraft folder, not the texture folder ) So, Is there some way of Specular level also can do this? If you know, please tell me the setting, i will test it again. I think this way will reduce the size of this mod and make me learn more about SF2 modding. Thanks guys!
  13. I already set the specular level, but same result. see my setting

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