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Rule the Waves video logs

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decided to do some commentary videos on the game Rule the Waves. i think this game is in good need of some comments to show what's really happening. have been using subtitles before but they were quite limited... so full on talking mode in these:X
game is "Rule the Waves" a dreadnought building/fleet management/naval combat historical game, by Naval Warfare Simulations

starting a late game war with USA in the Caribbean. firstly a battleship engagement... and later will be a video recap of game progression to this point.


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jutland night battle 10:0


the torpedo game is like soccer.
enough said:X



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Rule the waves hex edit mod!

Allows armor >18 inches on capital ships.
Allows building CL up to 12000 tons and DD up to 2000 tons.
edit: + allows CL max belt armor of 6inch.
allows secondary director for all ships after research.
ammo count increase/decrease by 1 per click (use up down arrow keys for large amount changes)
allows capital ships >52000 tons (with errors past 52900 ofc)




Allows taking 40 points of possessions as government collapse total victory, plus all prev edits.

Also bit of an experiment but having fun with this atm, sight range mod. Day time non-rain sight range extended by 20000 yds so usually 38k - 45k yards sight range, night time sight range 10k - 15k yards depending on weather. AKA what-if there's something else other than ship-board mk1 eyeballs to spot them targets and dreadnoughts aren't blind as phuck at night.


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