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  1. It seems Thirdwire BBS is gone for good. Don't remember deleting prev mediafire upload, but apparently it happend(hmmm). Re-up to mega and mediafire. IIRC saved 100+ more pages compared to the prev upload. - I'm not visiting these foras anymore nowadays. But TK's posts should help anybody else still wanting to mod/play this game. https://mega.nz/file/o8h0FDQb#hSGnjYs2zaqppl3wM-SN97L3tSp4RTzepu9z8NFDK7o https://www.mediafire.com/file/34nfyelvyl9tiwm/TK_Posts_ThirdWire_BBS.7z/file
  2. Mod is quite functional but I'm constantly tuning it. Will probably make another topic once I've made it all satisfactory. Meanwhile I hope it is a chance to get more ppl into modding this game! List of changes: - expanded ship names to include some what-if ships. - Turret arcs and elevation angles edited on all warships when necessary iaw navweaps.com - ships' healthpoints redone based on displacement. BB/BC is disp/1000, CV/CVE is disp/500, CA/CL is disp/400, DD is disp/135, SS is disp/120. Result value is close to game default but more variations and generally tougher ships. CV points is significantly higher, intention is to add some "tank" to the "glass cannon" and still able to launch planes after taking hits. - All ships AAA strength x4. Result is AI heavy bombers about 3/4 chance of success, medium bombers 2/4 chance, attack planes 1/4 chance, vs 1 BB 1 CL 1 DD group. Rough about. - Air strike coverage x 0.1. If a seazone had air strike coverage 1, it is changed to 0.1, in order to reduce abstract air strike events and reduce chance of heavy "one shot one kill" bombers. - All ships have sonar and can detect and get targeting info on subs. BB main gun becomes no.1 sub killer. - Sub torpedo salvo reduced, Type VII/IX max 2 torp salvo, Triton 3 torp salvo (AI can still fire 5 or 6), Type XXI 4 torp salvo. (Wanted to set XXI to 3 torp salvo as well but it locks up the AI action turn.) - All ships purchasable from week 0 except Type XXI sub which is week 1 Dec 1941 when merchant tonnage bar raised to 700k. - DDs torpedo loadout doubled as to have some spare after sub hunting. - Experimental H-41 class BB changed from H-39, 68800ton, 16.5" guns, increased muzzle V, 6 planes, heavy flak. Way too strong, but meanwhile is fun to see working and a data points reference. -TBD: uncensor all in game art. As someone lacking fundamental aesthetics and skill, hopefully a proper skinner would jump in. Ah well. Credit to tj666 for the uncensored KM flag on warship 3D models. At least a part of it is done! To use the mod: backup the folder "AtlanticFleet_Data" in the game directory. Extract mod contents and overwrite. https://drive.google.com/open?id=173zIFvSvi39y-a89rX2n2lpSSoHVJZ6h Edits made by a hex editor and Unity Assets Bundle Extractor
  3. It has been a while but iirc Ongjin and Kosong was deleted as nodes. They caused frontline fail under some conditions - symptom being the line would be drawn as a straight line and the ground unit going back to its basearea. I've a couple of theories but none that verified by TK or other modders, as info on strategic nodes modding is non-existent..... Most reasonable one is the ground unit is attacking sideways, as in despite new territory being gained the new frontline would be drawn further away from the end objective sinuiju, and the campaign engine probably doesn't like that. ...Anyway, the current one held well to repeated testing - the one true method.
  4. dragon: if you're using the strategic nodes for a ground war this would work a bit better.. The uploaded one could be problematic at rare times.
  5. Added none campaign final SSBN hunt
  6. Catching a Moskva helicopter carrier. Capital ships are so rare in campaigns... Successfully shaking off a SET-65 torpedo. There were 2 on me and things were quite dicey. Doesn't work on the newer USET-80, or the Mk48 for that matter...
  7. Mission to intercept SSGNs returning to base and came in contact with something on the way. 111db ambient noise and can't hear nothing. Switch to active sonar..."one ping only"... moments later contact a Victor I flanking towards me. Sends a fish on 50% Sol. Contact fades. Fish searches around and sinks a fishing trawler. Darn it. Mini sprint and drift to the last known contact location. Still nothing. Continues mini sprint and drifts forward....Contact 1 thousand yards on my face! Snap shoots 1 Mk48 and enables immediately. Victor I counter fires 2 torps. Hard to starboard and flank! Noisemaker! Victor I explodes. His torps flew behind. Phew.
  8. Lots of action but not much eye candy... Finally a stable 1.09e build. Plan to make my own mods after Seawolf/688i/SCS (and getting rid of the inevitable new bugs, bah...). Atm mostly just a stock 688. A stationary Krivak. Thought game bugged so turned off "Hide low SOL 3D contacts". It is indeed stationary. BUT this gives it better hearing. Everytime I launch a torpedo at it, it counter fires a nasty SS-N-14 Silex. Coupled with a strong layer it is very difficult to pinpoint its location. Shoot-sprint-listen-repeat, not until the 3rd torpedo was it hit. Hunting an SSGN and its escort from the baffles. These old Soviet boats are quite blind. However they still counter fired down the bearing! Had to waste a MOSS. This time, I learned my lesson. Yes it is an old November and didn't even detect my launch transient, but same deal if it was from baffles. Trick is to offset the torpedo and let it come in from an angle. The November counter fires 4 fish but they all went side ways. And hardest ASW mission so far - Hunting an old Charlie II SSGN but escorted by 2 Alfas. 6 o'clock position secured. However! The Charlie II is above the strong layer and nowhere to be seen. I launch at the 2 Alfas, who are oblivious to what's going on. But the Charlie II heard the transients and countered. I still dunno where it is:X Send out 2 MOSSes - both fail to attract anything, but doing 15kts I narrowly avoid the Charlie II's fish - any faster and the torpedo wire would break. Woot. Half way towards the Alfa on the northern side, the torpedo finds the Charlie instead. Eh, why not. Meanwhile it took forever for the other torpedo to acquire the southern Alfa. It starts a fierce "one circle" (air combat terms) dogfight with the torpedo. Using its 42kt top speed and great diving depth, the fight starts at 1400ft, comes up to sea level, then goes back down to 1000ft. Eventually it unbelievably dodges it - the torpedo locks onto the northern Alfa instead, and sinks it! WTF! What a crap shoot. "You arrogant *ss. You've killed us!"... Was too engaged to take screenshots. I sent another fish to finish the job, which was done after mucho manual torp steering. I think that's enough action. Some failed ones include: firing on a amphib landing force in shallow waters but forgot to fire a MOSS, and nuked by 3 torpedoes from 3 sides; Firing a MK48 with its enable point fairly close, and search mode set to Left - had to spend the next 3 years dodging my own torpedo. No screenshots on those....
  9. BotA savegame editing C:\Users\Do335\AppData\LocalLow\Killerfish Games kmcampaignInfo.dat - KM campaign rncampaignInfo.dat - RN campaign Open with hex editor of choice. campaign turn: hex address 57e campaign over: hex address 582 campaign renown: hex address 584 campaign merchant tonnage: hex address 5a8 Ship names expanded. Usable by player/AI in BotA. Queen Elizabeth class: Ontario, Arcadia, Quebec Revenge class: Resistence Nelson class: Jellicoe, Beatty Lion class: Conqueror, Thunderer, Vanguard Admiral class: Invincible, Indefatigable, Queen Mary Scharnhorst class: Prinz Adalbert, Yorck Bismarck class: Schlieffen, Clausewitz Hutten class: Hindenburg, Ludendorff
  10. Tis normal.. http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=23624#p23624 From own experience the "lull in combat" was rather important.
  11. Tuned way down post May 2012 patch. A flight of Skyraiders can do it.

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