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PLAAF 10th Regiment MiG-15 Korean War(Dec 1950)

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PLAAF 10th Regiment MiG-15 Korean War(Dec 1950)

PLAAF 10th Fighter Aviation Regiment MiG-15 Korean War(Dec 1950)


For Strike Fighters 2 NA with Korea Terrain(Korea3).


This campaign with some 38 missions cover the operations of the first PLAAF MiG-15 unit operating in the Korean War: The 10th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 4th Fighter Aviation Division.
This first deployment began on Dec 28, 1950 with the 10 MiGs of the 28th Flying Group.
From Jan 17, 1951, the 10 MiGs of the 28th Flying Group were reinforced with the others 20 MiGs of the two other regimental Flying Groups: the 29th and 30th.
On Feb 3, 1951 the 10th Fighter Aviation Regiment ended his combat tour and was replaced with the second Regiment of the Division: the 12th Fighter Aviation Regiment.


Historical accurate with the main units and bases deployment from Dec 28, 1950 to Feb 3, 1951.
Campaign need Expansion Packs 1 and 2 for some aircrafts, weapons, tanks, textures, etc.
Included textures and decals for the 30 MiGs of the PLAAF 10th Fighter Aviation Regiment.
See readme for other details.


Thanks and credits:


Wrench for Korea3 terrain and Cavalier destroyer
Do335 for Pack 1 and Pack "Wings over Korea"
WhiteBoySamurai for Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier
ErikGen for the base model for the RF-80A


Update Jul 1, 2017


Add F4U-5NL and AD-4NL.


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